私のかかりつけ医は、うつ病として症状を一掃しました – 衝撃の発見で6000ポンドもらった

WHEN David Purnell started to suffer from mobility issues, he knew something wasn’t right.

The 47-year-old was also experiencing tiredness, jerks and spasms.

David Purnell has been experiencing symptoms such as jerks and spasms, as well as mobility issues

David Purnell has been experiencing symptoms such as jerks and spasms, as well as mobility issuesクレジット: WNS

But David said doctors didn’t believe he was ill and instead diagnosed him with severe 不安 そして うつ病.

実際には, デビッド, who lives in Anglesey, 北 ウェールズ, had been suffering with multiple sclerosis (MS).

MS can affect the spinal cord as well as the brain causing nerve damage and lifelong ailments.

Exactly what causes MS is unknown, but it is suggested that the condition occurs from a mixture of genetic and environmental factors.

David said he was left without a correct diagnosis for 16 月, and now the Public Health Services Ombudsman has awarded him over £6,000 because of the delay in diagnosis.

Even though he had an MRI scan, he was still misdiagnosed, but David pushed for a second opinion.

彼は言った: “When I noticed problems, I started to run to get myself fit, but I felt like I was running in potholes every time I took a step, ので、私は考えました: ‘There is something wrong here’.

David said that stress makes MS worse, so his condition deteriorated as medics continued to refuse to believe him.

Stress is a really bad thing for MS.

No-one believed me, so things were getting worse and I was having to go to work because I was getting no supporteverything was really hard,” 彼は言った.

The Betsi Cadwaladr Health Board in North Wales had been overseeing his care and David later complained about the trust.

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales, Michelle Morris upheld his complaint.

She said the time taken to diagnose his condition fell below the appropriate standard of care.

彼女は言いました: “I am satisfied that an earlier diagnosis would not have materially altered the outcome of his disease.

What are the symptoms of MS?

The condition affects every sufferer differently, but there are a few common symptoms.

Most people will only experience a few of these symptoms, not all.

They are also very similar to symptoms for a lot of other conditions, so are not necessarily caused by the disease.

A more detailed list of specific symptoms is available on the MS Society’s website.

Common signs include:

  • Fatigue
  • Vision problems
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Muscle spasms, stiffness and weakness
  • Mobility problems
  • Pain
  • Problems with thinking, learning and planning
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sexual problems
  • Bladder problems
  • Bowel problems
  • Speech and swallowing difficulties

“しかしながら, in my view the delay in diagnosis and attribution of his symptoms to psychological or psychiatric factors caused Mr Purnell unnecessary anxiety and uncertainty. This was a significant injustice to him.

I am concerned that the Health Board, both at a commissioning level and in its own right, failed to ensure that the Trust fully acknowledged and recognised the extent of failings evident in this case together with the impact on Mr Purnell.

When he did complain, Ms Morris said he did not receive an open and timely response.

It was recommended that he received a full apology, along with £6,835.38 in compensation.

Health board’s deputy chief executive, Gill Harris said: “We have accepted the ombudsman’s recommendations and are implementing changes in how we monitor patient care for those referred to hospital trusts in England.