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TEEN Mom fans suggested a new business venture to Jenelle Evans: a shapewear line called SWAMPS to rival Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS.

The idea was born after the MTV star stepped out in an unusual outfit to do some chores in the yard.

Jenelle Evans' fans want her to start a shapewear line called SWAMPS

جينيل إيفانز’ fans want her to start a shapewear line called SWAMPSالإئتمان: إنستغرام / جينيل إيفانز
The reality star previously launched a fashion venture that was a flop

The reality star previously launched a fashion venture that was a flopالإئتمان: Instagram /Jenelle Evans

جينيل, 30, recently filmed herself working on her pool while wearing a one piece bathing suit with a shapewear piece sticking out from underneath.

A grab from the video was shared to Reddit, where some fans ruthlessly mocked the star while others suggested she turn it into a business of her own.

Fans suggested the North Carolina native start a shapewear line of her own and call it SWAMPS.

Many haters often refer to her husband, David Eason, as a swamp-dweller, suggesting their massive property is a wetland.

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Teen Mom Jenelle slammed for asking fans to buy her $1.2K pool vacuum

The still was posted on Reddit with the thread title: “Girl what are you wearing.

One fan commented on the post: “Instead of SKIMS, SWAMPS.

Another replied to the commenter: “You win.

A third Reddit user wrote: “Swamp attire.

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Someone else commented: “Her new line Swamp Skins, a lot cheaper than Skims.

While many were harsh on the star for her fashion choices, some defended her.

One commenter wrote: “NGL, I might wear a similarly awful outfit to do hot, messy yard work. But I wouldn’t post it on social!”

Jenelle isn’t the only one taking heat for her fashion choices.


David recently faced backlash over his offensive merch line, which he promoted in a post that featured transphobic slurs in the caption.

While hocking the line on social media, David leaned against a tree wearing a gray shirt that read, “Super straight,” along with the logo for Chick-fil-A, which has often been accused of having homophobic ties.

Aside from taking issue with the tee, fans also became outraged over Jenelle’s husband’s caption.

فيه, he used a slur when saying “this tree was explaining to me what it’s like to be” an intersex person.

David added: “I said dang there’s a lot of people out there that would be sooo jealous.

“Merch line coming soon!!!

"(This design will not be available as Chic fil only allows employees or owners to use their logo)."

Teen Mom fans shared the post on رديت and blasted David for being “so cringey.”

كتب مستخدم واحد: “Hes so bothered by people living their lives that he had to make merch over it.

“I cant imagine what living in that house must be like. Between her complaining about everything and him ranting about gay and trans people and them fighting all the time, it has to be soul sucking.”

قال آخر: “So it’s harmful to his children to be around gay or trans people, but it’s perfectly fine and normal to flaunt HIS sexuality around his kids (with a gun strapped to his hip for extra flair)."

A third called out “his toxic masculinity, his constant need to tear down others, [و] his homophobic/transphobic nature.”

Not long ago, David faced backlash after targeting a trans womanin several TikTok videos.

The TV personality re-posted a trans influencer named Olivia’s post, as she sat with a friend in the park saying: “F**k you David Eason, like for real.

David then joined in the video to clap back as he mocked the woman’s laugh, sarcastically giggling and saying: “That was so funny.

The MTV star captioned his post: “This man dressed like a woman keeps tagging me talking s**t.

Then he has the nerve to tag me in a whole other video about how he ‘would never come to my page and dump on me.Like mf that’s what you just did!”

Your friend @bbyegan_ sent you here. Then you cry wolf when I point out straight facts! First you was laughing now you’re all madWhat happened to ‘get along and go with the flow?"” he ranted.

ثم, in a second video, David re-shared yet another post from Olivia where she asked her fans: “Wouldn’t you just want to be with somebody that thrives and just supports everybody and goes with the flow with everything?”

He then hopped on the camera as he mocked the social media star by by saying the same words as before but using a deep voice.

Sorry my voice is so deep today I forgot to take my hormone treatment,” he slammed.

ثم, in a third and final post, David raised his voice to a higher pitch to once again imitate his social media nemesis.

Fans were enraged by the interaction, taking to رديت to slam the father of three for his behavior.

David ‘I’m not any kind of phobicEason purposefully misgendering someone like the transphobic a**hole he is,” one wrote while re-sharing the TV star’s post.

Some slammed him on TikTok as well, with one angrily asking: “Does it make you feel like more of man to come on this platform and bully girls for literally no reason?”

Fans aren’t the only ones who have blasted David over his various comments about the LGBTQ community over the years.

تم الكشف عن أسلحة تفوق سرعة الصوت ومدافع الليزر - تقنية الخيال العلمي العسكرية الروسية, Jenelle’s former Teen Mom co-star Farrah Abraham agreed with a follower calling Davidviolent and homophobic.”

The Teen Mom OG alum hit back at him after it was reported that both Jenelle and Farrah were in consideration for the franchise’s spinoff but only the latter was cast.

A fan post a screenshot of an article about Jenelle’s allegations on her Instagram Stories.

With it, كتب المستخدم: “MTV: Let’s talk about coming back! جينيل: Not unless I can bring my violent homophobic threatening unemployed huzbin.

“MTV: Bye! You are crazy! We will get @farrahabraham.


David’s offensive moves and other backlash surrounding him have led fans to speculate that Jenelle might not be happy with him.

She weighed in on the rumors online, letting fans know exactly what she thinks about her hubby.

الأم المراهقة 2 alum had on a black hoodie and covered her face with reflective ray-bans.

The MTV star raised her arm while holding her coffee mugwhich said: “I Like The Beard” – as she wandered around.

The Chad Overstreet song, Hold On, لعبت في الخلفية.

كتبت: “Good Morning.

Trolls and critics then jumped into the comments section as one of them said: “You can do better.

Jenelle replied: “I own my house. I hardly have bills because everything’s paid in cash from my past.

I make money off my content, my kids are happy. و?”

Another critic mentioned: “Not everything is about money love,” along with a laughing emoji.

رد نجم التلفزيون: “I don’t know why every single TikTok I post ‘has to do with my spouse.

I am doing just fine and he hasn’t ‘destroyedmy life at all.

I am actually happy.

The TV personality also mentioned how being fired from MTV wastruly a blessing in disguise.

I told them to let me out of my contract. It was best for my mental health.

[object Window]: “The way I was walked over time and time again over the years. And then I met my partner and he did not allow them to do that.

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Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, 33, are the parents of their 5-year-old daughter, Ensley.

She is also the mother of Jace, 13, وقيصر, سبعة.

Jenelle's husband David Eason has faced backlash over his own fashion

Jenelle’s husband David Eason has faced backlash over his own fashionالإئتمان: إنستغرام / جينيل إيفانز
The pair share four children between them

The pair share four children between themالإئتمان: إنستغرام / جينيل إيفانز
Jenelle has been adamant that she is happy with her husband despite the controversy

Jenelle has been adamant that she is happy with her husband despite the controversyالإئتمان: إنستغرام / جينيل إيفانز

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