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Pete Wicks fragt: „Wer zum Teufel ist das??’ nach Cameo von Love Island-Star

TOWIE’S Pete Wicks was left askingwho the f**k is that?” after best pal Sam Thompson surprised him with a Cameo from a Love Island star.

Always on the lookout for an opportunity to stitch up his mate, Made In Chelsea star Sam played a blinder by filming Pete’s reaction to the unwanted personalised video message.

Sam Thompson bought a Cameo from Coco Lodge for Pete Wicks

Sam Thompson bought a Cameo from Coco Lodge for Pete Wicks
Pete was seriously unimpressed

Pete was seriously unimpressed

Sitting beside Sam on a sofa, Pete looked confused and unimpressed as he watched Coco Lodge enthusiastically spout about crystals.

Sie sagte: “Hi Pete, I heard you’re a massive fan. Thank you so much for your continued love and support. And I also heard you’re really into spirituality and crystals, and so am I, I’ve literally got all my crystals charging at the moment in the window sill.

I’m obsessed with manifestation and all that kind of stuff. So I just wanted to send you some positive energy, and no you can’t lick my titor whatever.

Pete’s face was a picture and Sam couldn’t help but laugh as he fumed: “Who the f**k is that?”

He was further enraged that Sam had spent £100 on the message.

Coco’s reference to her iconic boob-licking row in the Love Island villa also went over Pete’s head.

During Casa Amor she turned Andrew Le Page’s head and they had a steamy fling while his girlfriend Tasha Ghouri was in the other villa.

When Andrew eventually came clean to Tasha, he nonchalantly brushed off their antics by saying: “I licked her tit, or whatever.

It quickly became a viral meme on social media.

Pete raged: “You paid £100 for someone to say I can’t lick her tit. What on earth made you think I would like that? That has made me so angry.

Ignoring his friend, Sam said: “Coco thank you so much for your message, we really appreciate it. Pete will be charging his crystals tonight thinking of you.

But Pete’s head was still swimming about the breast comment, asking again: “Why does she think I want to lick her tit. What did you say?”

Coco saw the video after it was shared on Instagram and commented: “Ffs you pranked me ??.”

Sam revelled in his prank

Sam revelled in his prank
Coco made a big impression in Casa Amor

Coco made a big impression in Casa AmorAnerkennung: Spritzen