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هذه هي طريقة إلغاء رحلة TUI

LIFE is unpredictable and you might have to cancel a flight that you’ve just booked with TUI.

Here is what you need to know on cancelling or changing a flight مع TUI and whether you can get your money back.

How do you cancel a TUI flight?

To cancel a flight, you need to either manage it through your account and cancel it yourself, or contact TUI.

To manage the cancellation yourself online, simply do so by accessing your Customer Account أو Manage My Booking.

If you do not have access to online use, then contact TUI and they’ll help sort it.

You can either visit one of their TUI stores and talk to their travel experts face-to-face or call them up.

To cancel a flight, you can either do it online, either pop by one of the TUI stores or call them up

To cancel a flight, you can either do it online, either pop by one of the TUI stores or call them upالإئتمان: العلمي

You can phone or email your local store to book an appointment and avoid having to queue up when you visit.

To find all the information related to your local store such as address, contact number and email address, simply use their TUI Shop Finder tool.

You can also call 0203 451 2688 and speak to one of the TUI agents to assist you in cancelling your booking.

The TUI call centre is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturday from 9am to 5pm and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

Once your flight is cancelled, TUI should send over a cancellation invoice within 14 أيام.

If they fail to do so, contact them.

Will I get my money back for the flight?

If you choose to cancel the flight, no you do not.

في حين أن, you would have to pay a cancellation fee.

TUI will only give you a cash refund if they have to cancel the flight from their end, or if they have given you the option to do so.

The cost of the cancellation fee varies.

The cost depends on how much time there is until you travel and with which airline you’re flying.

The cancellation charge covers the process of cancelling your flight and it also protects TUI, just in case they fail to resell your travel arrangements.

The charges are calculated as follows:

  • 70 days or more before travelloss of full deposit
  • 69 – 63 days before travel – 30 per cent of total booking price
  • 62 – 49 days before travel – 50 per cent of total booking price
  • 48 – 29 days before travel – 70 per cent of total booking price
  • 28 – 15 days before travel – 90 per cent of total booking price
  • 14 – zero days before travel – 100 per cent of total booking price

How much does it cost to change a TUI flight?

If you cannot travel due to كوفيد -19 ظروف, TUI is offering travellers the option to change their flight for free.

This offer stands till October 31 2022.

You can change your booking from the Manage My Booking page.

You can also use this page to change your flight for any other reason that you may need to.

You can also call 0203 451 2688 to speak to one of their travel experts to help you change your flight.

Whether you pay or not, and how much, will depend on how long until you were supposed to travel.