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Emmerdale fans furious as soap cancelled again tonight

EMMERDALE fans hoping to watch the soap tonight have been left furious.

Le Savon ITV has once again been cancelled.

Fans saw Arthur come out in last night's episode but have been left disappointed at the lack of episode tonight

Fans saw Arthur come out in last night’s episode but have been left disappointed at the lack of episode tonight
Nicole supported Arthur

Nicole supported Arthur

It usually airs at 7.30pm for an half-hour edition, but tonight there is no sign of the popular show.

Instead millions faced disappointment when they went to tune in.

In its place, fans were met with more World Cup coverage.

Despite England being knocked out of the competition, tonight’s game between Argentina and Croatia was given prime slot on ITV.

Fans were furious at the missing Emmerdale episode.

On a écrit: “Missing Emmerdale for this sh*** [football emoji].”

As another said: “Why can’t Coronation Street and Emmerdale be shown on one of the many ITV channels when the football is on.

However the good news is that the episode will air tomorrow nightwith an hour-long edition to catch fans up.

La nuit dernière viewers were left in tears as Arthur Thomas came out as gay in emotional scenes.

After weeks of struggling with a secret, he found the courage to tell Nicola King during a game of hangman.

The teen immediately burst into tears before Nicola pulled him in for a big hug.

In another scene, the pair were then seen sat at the table as Nicola said: “You could have told anyone, but you chose me, I’m so proud of you.

The emotional chat left Emmerdale viewers in tears, avec un écrit sur Twitter: “I’m in actual tears #Emmerdale #Arthur.

Un autre ajouté: “Aww, now that was heartbreaking. Bless him. A clever way to go about it. Arthur you’re not alone.

Un troisième a tweeté: “#Emmerdale love how they included putting i am gay on a piece of paper that’s so relatable i did the same exact thing.