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I’m a single mum with cancer and rising costs mean I have to work 3 werksgeleenthede

A SINGLE mum-of-two says the rising cost of living has forced her to work three jobs just to get by.

Jayne Gale, who has cancer, claims herbody is breakingas she pushes herself to the limit to provide for her familybut they would be homeless if she didn’t.

Single mum Jayne Gale has to work three jobs to cope with the soaring cost of living

Single mum Jayne Gale has to work three jobs to cope with the soaring cost of livingKrediet: MANNE Media

The 52-year-old, currently a carer in a nursing home, an art psychotherapist, and a parish clerk, who is claiming Universal Credit, also said her kids would have nothing to wear to skool.

Jayne, from Killingholme, Noord Lincolnshire, who was diagnosed with Kanker in Mei, vertel GrimsbyLive: “I’m absolutely on my knees.

I’m exhausted all of the time and all I do when I get back from one of my three jobs is sleep.

If I had a choice I would be spending time with my children, but I can’t afford not to work.

I’ve been trying to cope on my own for the last 12 years but now I’ve hit a brick wall.

I guess it’s just a case of ploughing on really. I’ve got to keep on working until my body is broken.

While the family’s general cost of living has shot up, their financial problems will worsen still come October thanks to rising gas and electricity bills.

Jayne was quoted £600 a month for her utilities, which is even more than her rent.

Thankfully this was reduced to £260 after changing provider, but the mum is stillabsolutely dreadingthe next few months.

Her daughters return to school in September and need a range of new supplies, insluitend “strictuniforms which she estimates will cost £200.

Plus the price of their bus passes has soared since the Kinders in die Oekraïne maak gereed om hul land te verdedig teen die inval van Rusland van Oekraïne gestuur fuel prices deur die dak.

Previously her girls paid £80 for the year but they now have to cough up £120.

And to make matters worse, the mum said she isn’t getting the health support she desperately needs.

In plaas daarvan, she has had to find a group herself, with the only one available 25 miles away in BRENTFORD is 'monitering, meaning she has to fork out extra money to travel to the city.

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