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L'uscita esplosiva di Mick Carter da EastEnders rivelata quando Danny Dyer lascia la soap

TIME is running out for Janine Butcher as her lies begin to catch up with her more than ever.

But her potential downfall is also leading to Mick Carter‘s long-awaited EastEnders Uscita. How will it all play out?

Mick Carter will be waving his fans goodbye in upcoming Christmas scenes of the BBC One soap

Mick Carter will be waving his fans goodbye in upcoming Christmas scenes of the BBC One soapCredito: BBC
Shirley Carter has been on to Janine Butcher

Shirley Carter has been on to Janine ButcherCredito: BBC
But will she really be able to expose her?

But will she really be able to expose her?Credito: BBC

Attore Danny Dyer announced he’d be leaving the London-based drama earlier in 2022.

His exit was teased to be aired during the festive periodand the time has come for him to wave his fans goodbye after nine years in the program.

Christmas morning arrives in Albert Square but Mick’s mother Shirley (ritratto da Linda Enrico) finds it to be the perfect opportunity to gift him with the truth about Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks).

The Walford tough woman is determined to expose the villain for who she really is after uncovering all her scheming.

But Shirley still hasn’t pieced the full puzzle together.

Nonostante questo, she heads to The Vic with Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) by her side and things are set to escalate with the arrival of Jada Lennox.

The teen mother arrives while Shirley makes peace with Mick, prompting Janine to intervene and keep her away from Linda.

Desperate to cover her tracks, Janine stuns when she invites both Shirley and Linda to Christmas lunchbut another shock rattles her even more.

Unfortunately for Janine, the truth is always uncovered one way or another in Albert Square.

All hell breaks loose later on in The Vic when secrets and lies finally come to light.

Mick’s world implodes around him and he’s reeling as he is forced to face the harsh reality.

What will he do?

Could he fight for his love for Linda and see Janine’s true nature?


Everything you need to know about Eastenders

Whether he accepts the truth or not, one thing is certainMick is spending his last ever Christmas in Walford.

Il giorno successivo, residents wake up to the confusing news that The Vic won’t be opening.

They are soon stunned when they hear about the events of the night before.

When everyone in the Square has finally gotten wind of what happened on Christmas, poor Scarlett Moon gets a rough deal and becomes the target of someone’s rage.

Who will have it in for her?

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How will Mick leave?

That and more on EastEnders.

Charlie Brooks is also set for her own exit

Charlie Brooks is also set for her own exitCredito: BBC
Shirley and Linda tam up

Shirley and Linda tam upCredito: BBC
How will Mick's exit play out?

How will Mick’s exit play out?Credito: BBC