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Marnie Simpson reveals she’s pregnant with ‘surprisesecond baby with fiance Casey Johson

MARNIE Simpson has revealed that she is pregnant with a “surprendre” second baby with fiance Casey Johnson.

The pair are already mum and dad to two-year-old son Rox, and 29-year-old Marnie est 13 weeks along with their new addition.

Marnie and Casey are having a 'surprise' second baby

Marnie and Casey are having a ‘surprisesecond babyCrédit: caseycodyj/Instagram
She has been battling 'horrendous' morning sickness

She has been battling ‘horrendousmorning sicknessCrédit: instagram.com/marns

It comes just months after they reunited following a brief split in January, ayant got engaged in August of last year.

Le EX L'épouse de GAZ Beadle, Emma McVey, a été transportée d'urgence à l'hôpital et est sous perfusion après star opened up about her battle with morning sickness that has left her feeling likethe walking dead” – and even seen her vomit out of the car window.

And she has all of that to contend with while raising her toddler, who she admitted is in theterrible twos”, as they count down to her 27 May due date.

Speaking about the moment they found out that she is pregnant, Marnie shared: “I was filming a TV show in September and we planned on trying after that. But during filming I had really weird symptoms.

I constantly felt sick, my gums were bleeding and I felt dizzy, but I just put it down to it being an activity-based show and the fact it was 17-hour days.

When I was away filming I was messaging Casey and I told him I felt really sick and my boobs were really hurting. I said it could be because I was running around and my muscles hadn’t been used in that way before, but Casey said he thought I was pregnant.

Elle a continué: “While we were doing that show I also did a bungee jump! Everyone had to do a medical beforehand and when they took my blood pressure it was really low. My blood pressure has never been low so that was a red flag.

I told Casey and he said, ‘You’re definitely pregnant!’ So as soon as I got back that night I did a pregnancy test and it came up with ‘Pregnant’ tout de suite. We just laughed!”

Casey, 26, added to d'accord! En ligne: “There have been a few times where we thought Marnie was pregnant and we’d done tests and she wasn’t, so we couldn’t believe it when it came up straight away with pregnant.

Marnie admitted that she thinks having two little ones will be “vraiment dur”, but they plan tocherishthe difficult younger yearsespecially as she is “99.9% Bien sur” this will be theirlast pregnancy”.

And for this reason, both parents hope to have a little girl asit would be nice to have one of each”, before adding that all they really care about is that they are “sain”.

There have been a few times where we thought Marnie was pregnant so we couldn’t believe it when it came up straight away with pregnant.


Marnie is also prepared forwhatever birth is safest” après elle “terribleexperience last time that saw her septic, lost blood, and catch an infection.

Elle a ajouté: “I’d be open to a C-section.

The happy couple also addressed their fleeting split at the start of this year, putting it down tofrustratin and depression”, with Marnie battling with her mental health.

Elle a expliqué: “I had a few days on my own and I realised how much I need Casey and how much he helps, but it’s so hard for the people around you. He was telling me every single day it wouldn’t be like that forever and I’d beat it, but when you feel like you’re not beating it, you get so angry. “

Casey added that the period apart was “horrible” but he felt like hehad to be strong”.

Il continua: “I just wanted to support Marnie no matter what. I know it’s not about giving to receive but I know if the shoe was on the other foot she would support me. I just kept telling her there was light at the end of the tunnel and that she’d come so far already.

And having postponed their wedding plans due to the Covid pandemic, the two now hope to tie the knot in the summer – fabrication 2022 an even more exciting year for the stars.

She had a difficult birth with son Rox

She had a difficult birth with son RoxCrédit: Se référer à la légende
Marnie and Casey briefly split in January

Marnie and Casey briefly split in JanuaryCrédit: caseycodyj/Instagram

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