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MASSIVE £90 cashback with 160GB SIM-only deal

WHO doesn’t want some extra money in their pocket at the moment and this deal will give you £90 cashback.

This SIM-only plan from Vodafone gives you an epic amount of data for a relatively low price, made even better by the cashback.

SIM-only plans often have great offers on

SIM-only plans often have great offers onCrédit: Getty – Donateur

When looking for the Sans carte SIM sur Amazon et Apple Store you can find a whole feast of data filled plans but this one gives you some money back in your bank account.

Through Carphone Warehouse, you can grab 160GB of data for only £20 per month on Vodafone’s network.

This is already a pretty cheap deal but the offer doesn’t stop there as you automatically get £90 back.

Overall this brings the effective monthly cost down to around £17 per month, super cheap for such a high data plan.

The cashback is automatic so the £90 will go directly into your bank account with no fuss or forms needed.

If you’re looking for a handset to go with your SIM, les Amazon Prime Day deals are just around the corner.

There’s no word on how long this deal will be around for so best to act quickly to grab your £90 automatic cashback and massive data deal.


[object Window] 3 deals this July


[object Window] 3 deals this July

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