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There’s a wheelie bin mistake you could be making which causes ‘major’ hassle

A WOMAN has shared the one mistake you are making with your wheelie bin, and it’s probably causing you a lot of hassle.

When out for a walk with no public bin insight, you may drop your rubbish in someone’s wheelie bin.

There's one mistake you're making with your wheelie bins causing you hassle

There’s one mistake you’re making with your wheelie bins causing you hassleKrediet: Getty – Bydraer

One person asked Reddit if it was okay to put rubbish inside the bins as you walked past.

It might seem like the right thing to do, but many Reddit users didn’t agree.

Taking to Reddit, the woman explained why this simple act can cause more hassle for wheelie bin owners.

And she wasn’t alone, hundreds of people commented on the post, opposed to strangers putting their rubbish in other people’s wheelie bins.


I use the 'paper plate trick' when using my hand mixer – it’s so easy


I use the ‘paper plate trickwhen using my hand mixer – it’s so easy

This is because it can stop the bin men from collecting the rubbish and emptying it that week.

The woman wrote: “NOT IN THE BLACK BIN, this happened to me one week when it was black bin week, from the time it left my house and the bin men picking it up someone had put a drink can in and it wasn’t emptied. If it was the green bin no problem.

Another replied: “Someone put a 2L plastic bottle in my bin which would have been fine with me but the bin men refused to empty my rubbish because it now had unbagged rubbish in it so I had to wait another two weeks to get it emptied which was a bit of a hassle.

'N Derde het gesê: “It’s not really trivial for me: our bin men don’t take loose rubbish, just the bags, so they’ll proceed to yank the bag out from under the loose McDonald’s crap someone has dumped in there and leave them strewn all over the front yard. Three guesses who has to clean that up. Hint: not the person who dumped it.

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Someone else agreed, proclaiming: “Noooo. So many places if there’s loose rubbish on top they won’t empty the bin on bin day. Do not do this!”

As well as some refusing to collect waste that is not bagged, some councils have a ‘no side waste, closed lid policy.

Meaning if the lid doesn’t close, they won’t collect the rubbish in the bins, or any bags left by the side of the bin, even if the owner didn’t put them there.

The policy is there to ensure people sort their waste properly and use the relevant waste bags like for recycling and garden waste.