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Mamá joven dice que las abuelas no deberían celebrar el Día de la Madre: es hora de 'renunciar'’

PLENTY of families include grandmas when celebrating Mother’s Day, but one woman argued the holiday should be reserved for young moms.

In a now-viral TikTok, the woman called on grandmothers tostep down,” and not expect visits or attention from grandchildren on the special day.

Young mom Sophia argued grandmothers should 'step down' from Mother's Day

Young mom Sophia argued grandmothers should ‘step downfrom Mother’s DayCrédito: TikTok/sophiraft
The New York-based woman stated the holiday is 'not about' grandmas anymore

The New York-based woman stated the holiday is ‘not aboutgrandmas anymoreCrédito: TikTok/sophiraft

The New York-based mom, Sofía, had a message for grandmothers across the country: “it is not about you anymore,” she insisted.

I’m sure this will be an unpopular opinion,” Sophia said at the beginning of the Clip. “Regarding Mother’s Day, if you’re a grandparent, you need to step down.

She elaborated, saying that moms of younger kids should be the focus.

If your daughter has babies, let the father of her kids, or her kids, spoil her for the day,” Sophia argued.


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And if your son has babies, let him spoil his wife or partner or mother of his kids that day.

That’s not to say that grandmas should receive nothing, Sophia added.

You should always send flowers, or make an effort to maybe celebrate it on a different day,” ella dijo.

Pero, Sophia claimed, traveling back and forth to celebrate with both partnersfamilies makes juggling Mother’s Day festivities a hassle.

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To somebody who has very young kids, and wants to finally get to enjoy Mother’s Day, it’s really frustrating to have all these obligations,” she elaborated.

You never really get a day to celebrate you.

Step down, abuelas,” Sophia reiterated at the end of the video. “It’s time.

Sophia’s opinion was, indeed, unpopular with some, while many tired moms agreed that treating Mother’s Day as a real day off would be very welcome.

You are so right. I agree with you and I nipped it last year,” one viewer wrote in the comments.

Day before we see my husband’s mom, and the day before that I celebrate my mom. But she’s cool and doesn’t care what day because she’s had over 30 years of getting that Sunday in May as her own,” the fellow mom added.

I totally disagree. It’s Mother’s Day not wife’s day,” a grandmother in the comments argued.

You want to celebrate, wait until your kids can spoil you not your husband…We paid our dues,” ella añadió.

They have a GRANDPARENTS day where you can be celebrated,” another viewer pointed out.

It’s MOTHER’S day. You spend it with YOUR mom, período,” a viewer insisted. “Your husband can celebrate you the other 364 days of the year.

I have a two-year-old and it’s still me doing stuff for everyone else,” a fellow young mom lamented.

“¿Puedes decirle a mi próximo vuelo que me espere?! My two-year-old didn’t buy his dad a Father’s Day gift or plan his brunch,” original poster Sophia agreed.

Regardless of the feedback, Sophia stood by her argument.

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I LOVE my mom and my MIL is great. But do I want to spend Mother’s Day running from one house to the other?” she asked.

“No. I want to just relax and be in my PJs!”

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