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Kardashian-Fans glauben, dass Kourtney ihre Brautparty heimlich gefeiert hat

FANS believe newly engaged Kourtney Kardashian secretly celebrated her bridal shower as they patiently await wedding plans.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been busy planning her dream wedding but has been “frustriert” with family drama intervening.

Kourtney and her sisters attended a beautiful party over the weekend

Kourtney and her sisters attended a beautiful party over the weekend
Fans guessed the event could've been her bridal shower

Fans guessed the event could’ve been her bridal showerAnerkennung: Instagram
Kourtney and Travis announced their engagement in October

Kourtney and Travis announced their engagement in OctoberAnerkennung: Getty

But over the weekend fans noticed a series of clues that hinted towards a bridal shower for the wife-to-be.

On Kourtney’s sister Khloe’s Instagram-Geschichte über das Wochenende, she shared a snap of stunning purple and pink flowers arranged in crystal vases on a white table cloth.

The Poosh founder later added evidence of her own by sharing a photo of the table decor at the secret soiree.

Im Bild, a formal white plate was garnished with a smartly folded napkin and topped with a purple crystal souvenir.

A sprig of lavender was laid gently on the plate and tied together with a white ribbon.

Glasses for water and wine sat on the table, and Kourtney’s name was spelled out in tan-colored building blocks on the side.

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After spotting the hints, fans raced to Reddit to discuss their theories over the event.

One re-shared Khloe’s photos, Schreiben: “What’s the occasionA bridal party?”

If it was kourts bridal party celebration or whatever. Would she sit at the end of the table like Jesus? Since it’s her celebration,” a second asked.

Ein dritter stimmte zu: “Bet it is a bridal shower for Kourt, looks lovely!”

jedoch, one was skeptical, antworten: “I feel like her bridal shower is going to be black and red, and the wedding. But maybe they’ll surprise us.

Others guessed that the building blocks used as name holders were a sign that the flower-filled party was in fact a baby shower.

To me it’s giving baby shower vibes,” one claimed, while a second added: “The blocks spelling the name gives baby shower vibes to me but I don’t know whose it would be.

Someone might be having a baby girl…” another guessed.

The blocks give me baby vibes,” a final mentioned.


Though Kourtney, 42, has been busy planning her wedding to fiancé Travis Barker, 46, last week a source told The Sun that her family’s ongoing drama hasovershadowedtheir plans to marry in late spring, leaving the star upset.

The insider explained: “Kourt is furious that this latest family drama is overshadowing the wedding planning.

“Für Sie, the wedding is the biggest deal of her life and she just felt that for once it should be all about her.

But typically, everyone else’s drama is overshadowing it. All the planning was supposed to be covered as part of the Hulu showbut now it’s back to the Kim storyline as it always is.

The source added that Kourtney had initially wanted to share her wedding plans after her youngest sister Kylie welcomed her second child with Travis Scott.

jedoch, the insider claimed that the Poosh founder’s plans have been pushed aside with the focus now on Kim’s romance with Pete Davidson and Khloé’s heartbreak in the wake of Tristan Thompson fathering a child with another woman.

Der Informant fuhr fort: “The wedding plan was to wait until Kylie has the baby, so they were planning for a late spring date as that’s a good time but having to leave enough room so as to be sensitive so as not to put it too close to Kim’s wedding anniversary date.

It’s a nightmare for Kourtshe just for once wants something to be about her. She’s waited this long to get married and she wants it to be special.

Hinzufügen: “Jetzt sofort, no one in the family is even that interested in her wedding plansas her sisters seem to be preoccupied.

The focus is back on Kim and her Kanye drama, and Khloe’s relationship worries and Kylie’s baby.

Kourtney's wedding excitement has been 'overshadowed'

Kourtney’s wedding excitement has been ‘overshadowedAnerkennung: Getty
Her siblings have struggled with drama over the past several months

Her siblings have struggled with drama over the past several monthsAnerkennung: Instagram/courtneykardash

Kourtney jump ropes in a bra and spandex shorts as fans think she’s pregnant

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