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Shanna Moakler, 46, unfollows boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, 29, after Celebrity Big Brother exit and Lamar Odom flirting

SHANNA Moakler has unfollowed her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau after her Celebrity Big Brother exit.

The 46-year-old modelwho was put on the eviction block by Carson -was chosen to leave the house on Valentine’s Day’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother after Todd, Cynthia, Lamar, and Todrick all voted to evict her.

Shanna Moakler has unfollowed her boyfriend Matthew Rondeau

Shanna Moakler has unfollowed her boyfriend Matthew RondeauCrédit: Instagram/Shanna Moakler
Matthew was reportedly not impressed with Shanna's flirty exchanges with Lamar Odom

Matthew was reportedly not impressed with Shanna’s flirty exchanges with Lamar OdomCrédit: Instagram/1800leavemaryalone

Eagle-eyed fans noticed on Tuesday that Shanna is no longer following boyfriend Matthew, 29, whom she gushed over during her time in the famous house.

And it looks like he is not following her either, but the pair still have photos of each on their social media, indicating it may not be all over.

It comes after Matthew was reportedly not happy with the flirting between Shanna and fellow houseguest Lamar Odom during their time together on the show.

While he understands it’s a game show, he felt like a line had been crossed, selon TMZ.

It follows claims that Matthew was having second thoughts about popping the question to Shanna after he watched her flirty exchanges with Khloe Kardashian’s ex Lamar, 42.

Dans un clip, Travis Barker’s ex Shanna was seen playfully helping Lamar apply gold treatment masks under his eyes.

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She pressed the mask onto his cheek and pointed out it waswetter”, with the NBA star responding: “That’s always better.

The Playboy model laughed and replied: “It’s always better when it’s wetter! That’s my motto.

Matthew reportedly believed that the show’s producers could have be egging on the flirtatious conversations between the two, selon TMZ.

entre-temps, former Celebrity Big Brother houseguest and reality television star Teddi Mellencamp spilled the beans on her podcast, Tow T’s In A Pod.

Elle a dit: “Shanna’s boyfriend, who I didn’t tag in any posts, slid into my DMs. Let’s just say, Shanna, when you get out of the house, if he hasn’t told you anything, you need to call me, girl.

Teddi added that she and Matthew shared an exchange in which he allegedly said some negative things about Shanna.

Blink-182 drummer Travis is the father to 18-year-old Landon and 15-year-old daughter Alabama as he shares the kids with his ex.


De retour en mai, Shanna threw shade at the alternative rocker and his partner by mocking their butt-grabbing pictures.

She shared her own take on the sexy photos on her social platform.

The Meet the Barkers star recruited the help of Matthew, who was posing naked in the snap.

Matthew was settled on his stomach as she grabbed onto his bare butt.

She included six crying-laughing emojis, which were covering up his butt crack.

Shanna’s post came after the alternative rocker had posted a clip of himself cheekily grabbing Kourtney’s butt as they took a boat trip around the exclusive Amangiri resort in Canyon Point.

The couple had taken a romantic vacation together so that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star could celebrate her 42nd birthday.

The TV personality shares her three kids – le maçon, 11, Pénélope, neuf, et règne, six – je vais pour, 38.

On Friday night’s episode, Shanna confessed she worried about Lamar remembering her cruel comment about his ex Khloe.

Shanna said, “When Lamar walked in I thought ‘I hope he didn’t remember I called his fiancée a donkey on TV.’”

Elle a ajouté: “It’s not one of my finest moments.”

Fans found the comment hilarious, predicting a feud down the line.

One viewer commented: “She really starts off by bringup Khloe being a donkey?? If she’s trying to start a feud with her ex’s new family it’s working. a shady queen.”

Un autre a écrit: “Shanna tryna pick a fight with Khloe right off the bat lmaoooo love to see it.”

Shanna made the comment during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in 2009.


Lamar Odom is still pining for ex Khloe Kardashian sur Celebrity Big Brother, as he confessed “ruining his marriage” to her is his “biggest regret.”

The pair called it quits in 2013, finalizing their divorce three years later.

On February 14th’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother, it remained clear that Lamar is less focused on winning the game than winning back Khloe, 37.

“When i married Khloe there were so many things I did wrong in our relationship,” Lamar said in confessional. “It was never my intention to hurt her.”

Cynthia asked him: “When you talk about her would you say she was the love of your life? It sounds like one of your biggest regrets.”

Lamar nodded: “Yes it is.”

Matthew was reportedly having second thoughts about popping the question to Shanna

Matthew was reportedly having second thoughts about popping the question to ShannaCrédit: Instagram/Shanna Moakler