Shock feud as I’m A Celeb star slams ‘rude’ Love Island star

I’M A Celebrity star Nicola McLean has slammed ‘rude’ Amber Gill after she didn’t have a picture with her niece.

The pair came to blows following an event last year – and have now both spoken out about the incident as they refuse to make up.

Nicola McLean has said Amber Gill is rude

Nicola McLean has said Amber Gill is rudeCredit: The Mega Agency
Amber Gill has also spoken out about what happened

Amber Gill has also spoken out about what happenedCredit: Splash

Nicola explained:  “Last year at Winter Wonderland we did a press night and my niece was there and she asked politely for a photo with Amber.

“I know my niece, she wouldn’t have done it when Amber was eating or something, she literally asked her and Amber refused a picture.

“I said on Instagram that was not right. I was p*****d off about it, and now she’s saying I’m the rudest celebrity but who cares? I have zero interest in being friends with her.”

She added: “I really like Chloe Burrows, but Amber Gill, absolutely f***ing not.”

Last week Amber opened up about what happened as she appeared on Chloe Burrow’s podcast.

The former Love Island winner said: “I haven’t met them but the person that was the rudest to us was Nicola McLean.

“So I went to Winter Wonderland the year I came out and it was intense and I thought it was a press evening and there was loads of kids and stuff but that’s fine but I couldn’t get into any rides because they were swarming us.

“I left Winter Wonderland and I had to start saying no to people because I wanted to go on rides — and [Nicola] put on a story about us saying ‘she acted like Kim Kardashian’ because one of her nieces or cousins was there.”

Amber continued: “She was talking to her story and obviously it’s intense when you come out as well saying I acted like a Kardashian and she was tagging us in it as well it was mad.”