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University Challenge fans seriously distracted by contestant’s appearance

UNIVERSITY Challenge fans have been left seriously distracted by a contestant’s appearance.

Monday night saw the latest episode of the BBC Two air, with teams from Coventry and Cardiff going head to head.

University Challenge viewers were distracted by a contestant's appearance

University Challenge viewers were distracted by a contestant’s appearance
Cardiff University took on Coventry University on Monday's episode

Cardiff University took on Coventry University on Monday’s episode

As host Jeremy Paxman made the introductions, University Challenge viewers couldn’t help but notice a student on the Cardiff team.

Zoe Ravell was the team captain and she revealed she was studying maths.

Egter, people at home were more interested in her funky retro-style jumper, which featured blue triangles, a red stripe and yellow criss cross detailing.

Neem na Twitter, het een kyker geskryf: “Trying to find Revell’s jumper online by Googling ‘art deco Turkish lamp sweater’. No luck yet.

Nog een het bygevoeg: “Foiled by the time change of #universitychallenge but looks like Revell is the winner of this weeks #universityknitwear.

’n Derde het getwiet: “I’m glad Revell has revived the interesting jumper wearing. #universitychallenge.

Meanwhile a fourth shared: “#universitychallenge Revell will never be defeated in that jumper.

Their prediction was right, as Cardiff absolutely thrashed Coventry with a score of 230 aan 50 by the end of the show.

Jeremy said: “Coventry bad luck, thank you for joining us, but we’re not going to see you again I’m afraid.

We shall be seeing you again Cardiff in the next round of the competition, so many congratulations to you!”

Viewers will now have to wait and see if Ravell pulls another eye-catching jumper out of her wardrobe for the next round.

Viewers were distracted - and obsessed - by Cardiff team captain's jumper

Viewers were distractedand obsessedby Cardiff team captain’s jumper

University Challenge airs Mondays on BBC Two and is available on BBC iPlayer.