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How to play the Google Doodle Champion Island Games?

GOOGLE Doodle is set to return with its brand new title called the Champion’s Island Games.

Coinciding with the start of the 2020 Olimpíadas de Tóquio, the new game is set to be free and accessible to all. Here’s the key info ahead of it’s release.

Google Doodle is launching a new game called the Champion’s Island Games.

Google Doodle is launching a new game called the Champion’s Island Games.Crédito: o Google

How to play the Google Doodle?

Google keeps its main search page fresh with doodles that change every couple of days.

Some doodles are actual interactive game that you can play without needing to download anything.

All games are archived and can be played after their time on the homepage has passed.

Most doodles can be accessed by going to on a desktop browser and by clicking on the Google logo.

From there you can scroll through the list at the top of the search results.

What is the Google Doodle?

Google Doodle refers to the special and temporary alteration of the logo on Google’s homepage, which is intended to commemorate holidays, eventos, achievements, and notable historical figures of particular countries.

Since introducing their first Google Doodle in 1998, which commemorated Nevada’s Burning man event, the Doodle ‘franchise’ has expanded to different platforms including Doodle Games.

The Google Doodle games were first developed to teach both children and coding enthusiasts about programming and game development.

During lockdown in 2020, many of it’s originals titles were resurrected for fans to enjoy.

It included Coding for Carrot, which involved guiding a rabbit around various puzzle-like level.

In the game, players were encouraged to collect carrots along the way using a drag-and-drop interface to “code” the rabbit’s actions.

It follows classic Doodle games such as Coding for Carrot

It follows classic Doodle games such as Coding for CarrotCrédito: o Google

Now Google is launching an interactive series of Doodle games based on events at the Tokyo 2020 Olimpíadas.

The Doodle, which is called Doodle Champion Island Games, has seven mini-games created by Japanese animation company Studio 4°C.

Users can take part in the Olympic event-themed 16-bit games and contribute their scores to one of four teams.

In the games, Lucky the Calico Ninja Cat takes part in events such as table tennis, skateboarding, rúgbi, artistic swimming, climbing, and marathon running.

Each events has its own “Legendary Champion” to challenge from Japanese history.

There are also side quests that users can undertake on Champion Island.

“First, we identified stories and folktales from all over the country with characters that are highly recognized,” said the studio.

experimente esta técnica meditativa, we connected those folktales and characters with each of the sport events included in the game. In the design process, each event champion was selected from those unique stories.

“The team mascots and the characters in the city such as Kappa, Yatagarasu, lion dance, were also chosen as they are very well known across Japan.

Each character’s design was based on their original story image, but then adapted for the game.”

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