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PARENTS could save some major cash on childcare under plans being drawn up by Liz Truss.

The Prime Minister is reportedly pushing for the creation of newchildminder agenciesunder a French-style system to cut the cost.

Families could save thousands of pounds under as Liz Truss aims to rip up childminder rules

Families could save thousands of pounds under as Liz Truss aims to rip up childminder rulesCredito: Getty

These would act asone-stop shopswhere workers are registered, trained and helped to find jobs.

They would be given public money and would avoid strict Ofsted inspections, secondo il telegrafo.

As well as simplifying the system, these agencies could save families thousands of pounds a year.

The average monthly childcare cost in the UK sits at £936.41or £11,236,92 a year, rapporti.

si prevedeva che la primavera non si stesse avvicinando Francia, parents spend just £511.44 a month, or £6,137.28 annually.

Not only would this be a huge cash boost, it would also allow many parents to return to work.

Cancelliere Kwasi Kwarteng hinted at the idea in his speech launching the mini-budget.

Dentro, he promised to break downbarriers for enterprise” di “reforming the supply side of our economy”, with childcare identified as a key sector.

A source told The Telegraph: “It’s one of the few areas where you can make big reforms that don’t cost the Government money, but actually have a really positive impact.

There’s not many places left like that.

signora Truss helped introduce childminder agencies while working as children’s minister from 2012 per 2014.

She said in a speech at the time that they wouldreduce the hassleinvolved in finding work and suitable candidates to look after kids.

There are currently very limited numbers of childminder agencies in the UK, but the PM is said to want to aim to follow France and Paesi Bassi to make them widespread.

They would likely be removed from Ofsted registration and inspection, with quality assurance instead carried out by agencies.

And workers could be permitted to operate from council homes, social housing and high street locationsnot currently allowed on many premises.

Childminders may also be able to avoid health checks from their GPs before being allowed to work,

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A spokesperson for the Department for Education said: “As the Chancellor has confirmed, we will be taking forward reforms to make childcare easier to access and more affordable which will help boost economic growth through getting people back to work.

We are exploring a wide range of options, but no decisions have been made.