Martin Lewis fan shares how they saved £213 with five easy bill changes

A MARTIN Lewis fan has shared how they cut £213 off their bills with five easy tweaks.

The savvy saver reduced her car insurance, broadband, phone and water bills after following the personal finance guru’s tips.

A Martin Lewis fan managed to save more than £200

A Martin Lewis fan managed to save more than £200Credit: ITV/

The cost of living is going up, with energy prices, tax bills and food shopping all on the rise.

That means it’s a good time to look at your finances and work out if there’s any savings you can make.

The reader, named Sam, shared her experience in a letter to Martin Lewis’ Money Saving Expert.

Sam said she used its car insurance comparison tool to knock £53 off her policy.


You've been using your TV all wrong and it could be pushing up your energy bills


You’ve been using your TV all wrong and it could be pushing up your energy bills

She also haggled with her contents insurance firm to get £32 off the renewal price.

Sam, who said she claims Universal Credit, also followed Martin’s advice to switch to a broadband social tariff for people on benefits.

This means she’s saved a further £5 a month with BT.

After contacting her water company, she has managed to get a 20% discount – amounting to around £40 a year.

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Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to households over £150 council tax refund


Martin Lewis issues urgent warning to households over £150 council tax refund

Finally, Sam said she has moved £3,000 into her cash ISA, where it should collect more interest than in her current account.

If you’re inspired to try that final tip, you should make sure you only transfer money you don’t need right away into an ISA, as you might not be able to access it easily.

“All totalled up that’s £213 a year, plus the little bit of interest from the ISA,” Sam wrote.

“It won’t cover the energy increases, but I’ve gone from being very worried to concerned, and I feel so empowered because I’ve done something about my finances.”

What help is available if I’m worried about the rising cost of living?

If you’re struggling to cope with the rising cost of living, there is help available.

One of the main areas of concern for households is rising energy prices.

Contact your energy supplier as a first step, as many of them have hardship funds or can offer other support.

For example, British Gas has a £6million pot of cash to help struggling customers.

It will write off energy debts of up to £750, with 2,450 grants awarded so far.

The average amount paid out to date is £524 per customer, and a further 1,000 payments are set to be made this month.

You should also check that you’re getting all the benefits you’re entitled to.

Make sure you’re not missing out on any extra cash by using an online benefits calculator.

Doing a grants search could help you find cash to pay for essentials such as food and gas and electricity bills.

The government announced a support package for households earlier this year.

In total, 80% of families are entitled to a £150 council tax rebate that will be paid from this month – although some people have reported delays.

Everyone will get a £200 energy bill refund in October but this is a loan and will have to be repaid in instalments.

The Household Support Fund, which helps families with the rising cost of living, has been extended.

To find out what support is available in your area, contact your local council.

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