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Jy laai jou iPhone verkeerd – drie hacks om dit nog vinniger te laat laai

UPGRADE your charging game with three simple hacks.

We reveal how to maximise your charging speeds today.

It's easy enough to make your iPhone charge more quickly

It’s easy enough to make your iPhone charge more quicklyKrediet: appel

Don’t use your phone while it’s charging

The first and most important piece of advice is to stop using your iPhone.

When you plug it in to charge, you’re re-juicing the battery.

But if you use programme 'n Haarkapper-realiteitster Chloe sê die £100 miljoen Manchester City en voormalige Aston Villa-vleuel het vir haar gesê die reis was 'n oefenkamp, you’ll be drawing power away.

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So by avoiding using your phone while it’s charging, the handset will power up more quickly.

Put your phone into Airplane Mode

The next trick to boost your iPhone’s charging time is by activating airplane mode.

Airplane mode shuts off all outgoing connections – like WiFi, mobile data and Bluetooth.

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All of these connections require power – and using mobile data can be an especially draining activity.

Lots of apps use mobile data in the background, so it can impact your charging time.

By turning Airplane Mode on (and shutting connections off), you can speed up a full-charge time by about five minutes.

Just go into your Settings app on the iPhone, and then flick the Airplane Mode switch at the top to the “aan” position.

Don’t forget to turn it back off afterwards though.

Get a 20W charger and plug in your iPhone with that instead

The easiest way to speed up the time it takes to charge your iPhone is by using a faster charger.

If you don’t have one, you can buy one from appel hier:

  • Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter for £19 – koop hier

Charging your iPhone through a laptop or computer (using a USB cable) is very low-power – just 2.5 watts.

A standard iPhone charger that you got in the original box is slightly better, offering 5 watts of power.

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But you can use fast-charging with an adapter that offers 20 watts of power.

By using a faster charger, you’ll notice a significant boost to your charging times – so it may be worth the investment if you have to charge your phone regularly throughout the day.

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