A BEAT The Chasers contestant was left shaking and in tears after winning a huge £60,000 prize pot on tonight’s show.

American Melissa, who lives in Bury, bravely took on five quizzers to win the life-changing sum with just one second to spare.

Melissa won £60,00 on Beat The Chasers

Melissa won £60,00 on Beat The Chasersクレジット: ITV

Under the glare of the studio lights, she held her nerve to beat some of the best brains in Britain.

The writer and perfume collector’s victory was met with a standing ovation by the audience and viewers at home heaped praise on her.

Melissa’s husband was in the studio and jumped for joy as she won the money.

Host Bradley Walsh held her hand as the tearful contestant revealed her late grandma was his biggest fan and would have been so proud of her win.

One viewer said on Twitter: “Well done Melissa, amazing stuff.

2番目の投稿: “Well done Melissa! 印象的. I love when couples with young children get a life changing leg up. Heartwarming.

3分の1は言った: “Melissa should be a new Chaser, なんて星だ!”

The win followed another impressive £30,000 victory earlier in the episode.


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テレビの大規模なリターンのために設定された法案 – パイプラインで2回再起動します