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I fan di Chase sbalorditi dal concorrente danno la stessa risposta errata DUE VOLTE

FANS of The Chase were left in disbelief as one hopeful gave the same answer for two separate questions on the show with it being wrong both times.

Bradley Walsh had welcomed a new batch of hopefuls to the show in a bid for them to win a hefty sum.

One contestant gave the same answer twice but it turned out to be wrong on both occasions

One contestant gave the same answer twice but it turned out to be wrong on both occasionsCredito: ITV
Angus left fans at home perplexed

Angus left fans at home perplexedCredito: ITV

Anne Hegerty was in her role of the Governess as the four hopefuls were put through their paces on the game show.

The episode got off to a good start when Vickie and Julie had managed to successfully return to the table.

tuttavia, it was Angus, a care home worker from Newcastle, who had everybody talking.

During his cash builder round, Angus gave the name of US funk and soul singer Chaka Khan on two separate occasions.

Host Bradley asked: “What tributary of the Yukon river gives it’s name to a Canadian gold rush.

A seemingly bewildered Angus replied: “Chaka Khan.

Just seconds later, he blurted out the answer again in response to the question: “Which Brothers Grimm character gave a Queen three days to guess his name?”

Viewers at home were left puzzled at his choice of answer as they took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One fan questioned: “Chaka Khan? Chaka Khan?!”

Un altro ha scritto: “That Angus on The Chase saying Chake Khan for answers he doesn’t know is high camp.

A third fumed: “Ain’t nobody more annoying than somebody who constantly gives Chaka Khan for an answer.

Angus appeared to be referring to RuPaul’s memorable stint on The Weakest Link where he answered Chaka Khan for a question he did not know the answer to.

One viewer picked up on the reference, aggiungendo: “Angus thinks he’s RuPaul on The Weakest Link with the Chaka Khan answers.

Angus did not see his performance improve beyond that point as he opted to take the minus offer, further infuriating fans.

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He eventually managed to get to the final chase despite his woeful efforts and minus offer decision as one fan quipped: “Unless they get 15 Chaka Khan questions they’re f**cked.

The group were caught by Anne with plenty of time with Bradley telling them they would have needed at least ’12 morein order to have succeeded.

Chaka Khan failed to score Angus a win on The Chase

Chaka Khan failed to score Angus a win on The ChaseCredito: Getty Images – Getty

The Chase airs 5pm weekdays on ITV.