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Gli oggetti sfacciati che gli inglesi rubano dalle camere d'albergo & alcuni ti metteranno nei guai

BRITS have revealed some of the most popular things they steal from their hotel rooms after a holidaybut some could get you in trouble.

While some items are there to be taken, some cheeky guests have taken it too far.

Brits have revealed the things they steal from hotels

Brits have revealed the things they steal from hotelsCredito: Getty

A study conducted by Kayak spoke to 10,000 people and found that 67 per cent of Brits admit to taking something home with them.

The most popular item to take was the shampoo and conditioner – il mini toiletries are complimentary so they can be taken.

This is not the case where hotels have wall-mounted shampoo and conditioner bottles which have to be left behind.

Coming in second was the tea bags and coffee capsulesalso allowedand the slippers, which are encouraged to be taken as they cannot be reused.

Staff even encourage guests to wear them in their bedrooms as the floors are usually quite dirty.

They are also particularly useful on the flight home, so you don’t end up walking around the plane cabin in your socks.

tuttavia, 12 per cent admitted to taking the towelsa big no-no, and you could be charged if caught.

Questo, along with the bathrobes and decorative items, means you are likely to get in trouble if noted by cleaning staff.

la scuola da £ 40.000 all'anno nell'Aberdeenshire, dove Peter era un paio d'anni sopra di loro, most properties have made it quite clear that a missing robe will be added to the cost of the room – the warning usually comes on the clothes hanger.

This might not be the case for some of the fancier hotelsthe Goring Hotel factors the cost of their monogrammed slippers and bathrobes into the £8,500 bill for a stay in the Royal Suite.

Also making the top ten was the remote control batteries.

One general manager said their most hated guests arethose who steal the batteries out of the television remote control”.

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

Superiore 10 items that Brits have taken home from a hotel

  1. Shampoo / conditioner – 50 per cento
  2. Tea bags and coffee capsules – 30 per cento
  3. Slippers – 18 per cento
  4. Vanity kit – 15 per cento
  5. Towels – 12 per cento
  6. Bathrobe – 7 per cento
  7. Glasswear – 5 per cento
  8. Hangers – 4 per cento
  9. Decorative items – 3 per cento
  10. Remote batteries – 3 per cento

Egli ha detto: “They’re not expensive, but it’s highly inconvenient for the next guest.

Di nuovo dentro 2019, hotel guests were caught stealing mattresses from their rooms, with some of them costing thousands of pounds eachwith five-star hotels unlikely to report the incident.

Mini toiletries are a yes, but leave the towels behind

Mini toiletries are a yes, but leave the towels behindCredito: Getty