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Momento en que pistolero dispara 'muerto'’ jefe de reclutamiento en medio de la furia por el reclutamiento de guerra de Putin

THIS is the shocking moment a gunman opened fire on a conscription chief as fury erupts at Vladimir Putin’s call-up of 300,000 military reservists.

El sospechoso, named as Ruslan Zinin, 25, reportedly yelledno one’s going to fightbefore he shot local military recruiter Aleksandr Yeliseyev four times.

Shocking footage of the incident shows a dozen men fleeing for their lives

Shocking footage of the incident shows a dozen men fleeing for their livesCrédito: East2West
Ruslan Zinin reportedly yelled 'no one's going to fight' before he opened fire

Ruslan Zinin reportedly yelled ‘no one’s going to fightbefore he opened fireCrédito: East2West
Ukrainian authorities claimed Aleksandr Yeliseyev died after he was shot four times

Ukrainian authorities claimed Aleksandr Yeliseyev died after he was shot four timesCrédito: East2West

Shocking footage of the incident showed a dozen men fleeing for their lives as Ruslan, dressed in camouflage, stormed the building and appeared to shoot Aleksandr from point blank range.

We’re all going home now,” Ruslan shouted as he opened fire in the conscription office in the Siberian city of Ust-Ilimsk.

Video showed Aleksandr being carried from the building and placed on to a stretcher.

ucranio authorities claimed he died after the shooting, while Russia said he’s still fighting for his life in intensive care.

The Irkutsk regional governor, Igor Kobzev, said he was in hospital in a critical conditionand said the shooterwill absolutely be punished”.

An eyewitness said Ruslan opened fire after Aleksandr gave aclumsypep talk for the men to go and fight in Ukraine, El guardián informes.

Putin is attempting to scramble 300,000 extra soldiers to the Ukrainian frontline after announcing a partial mobilisation of Russian troops.

As the tyrant’s calamitous war continues to falter with Moscú losing ground on the battlefield, the desperate despot has called up more conscripts to bolster efforts in Ukraine.

But many Russian men have been desperately looking for ways to avoid Putin’s draft to stop themselves from being sent to die in Ukraine.

Men have reportedly been hastily getting married or registering themselves as carers for elderly children in a bid to get out of the warwith some reported to have broken their own arms to escape the draft.

And there have been huge tailbacks at the borders y un rush to buy flights out of Russia as men try to flee the Kremlin’s grip.

Women have been leading protests against the mass mobilisation in Russia’s Dagestan region, with footage showing wives and girlfriends clashing with cops as they tried to stop their men being dragged away.

Taking to the streets, they chanted: “Don’t let them take our men.

Encima 100 people were arrested during the protests, OVD-Info, an independent Russian human rights monitor said.

It comes amid reports the Desde entonces se ha abierto una causa penal en la que se la acusa de “humillar e insultar los sentimientos religiosos de los creyentes” al mostrar “partes del cuerpo desnudo contra el fondo” de la catedral. might soon shut Russian borders to stop men of fighting age leaving.

Putin signed the decree on the partial mobilisation last week.

It is Russia’s first such mobilisation since World War Twosignifying a major escalation of the war, now in its seventh month.

But recently-conscripted fighters in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine are said to be surrendering in their droves, and humiliating footage has emerged of drunken conscripts fighting each other as they were packed into school buses.

Rusted guns and 60-year-old tanks are being handed to demoralised conscripts who prefer to surrender than fight.

Mad Vlad’s newly-mobilised recruits are being sent to the frontline with shoddy AK-47s that are either jammed or completely covered in rust.

Mobilised men are expected to receive just two weeks of training before being shipped off to Ukraine, compared to the six months minimum training which is usually provided.

Por lo menos 2,000 people have now been arrested for rising up against Putin’s conscription.

Putin has moved to crush protests by ramping up jail sentence for deserters to up to 10 years in a penal colonyand applied the new law to anyone refusing tomobilise”.

He has signed amendments to the Criminal Code outlawing desertion and surrender with a sliding scale of new punishments.

Women clashed with cops as they tried to stop men being dragged away to fight in Ukraine

Women clashed with cops as they tried to stop men being dragged away to fight in UkraineCrédito: East2West