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Millions of parents using child seats wrong putting them at risk of a £500 fine

THOUSANDS of families will be taking to the roads this Christmas as they visit loved ones with the kids in tow.

But parents are being warned about the incorrect fitment of child seats that could lead to hefty fines.

Parents are being urged to check their child seat knowledge this Christmas

Parents are being urged to check their child seat knowledge this ChristmasKrediet: Getty

Experts at Silver Cross want to urge drivers to carry out important checks before they set off.

Using the wrong type of car seat or not deactivating the front airbag when using a rear-facing seat is illegal.

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It can land you a fine of up to £500, as well as put your child in serious danger.

Silver Cross also want to dispel some common myths around car seats to make sure drivers are clued up before setting off.

On switching airbags off, Kat Gemmell, car safety technologist at Silver Cross gesê: “You legally must deactivate your airbag when your child is rear-facing in the front.

“If your child is forward facing in the front, you need to consult your vehicle handbook for advice on airbag activation and front seat position – check the child safety section for this information.”

Some drivers also aren’t sure about putting kids in thick winter coats in their car seats.

Kat warns: “A thick coat or snowsuit creates a gap between the child and harness which prevents the harness from being adjusted correctly.

“This leaves the harness loose in a collision and unable to provide optimum protection.

“To keep your little one warm in winter, tuck a blanket around them after they are safely strapped in – thin fleeces, jumpers and cardigans are all safe to wear in a child seat.”

And Kat has also confirmed driver’s questions about whether Isofix seats are safer than seatbelt-only models.

Sy het gese: “Isofix seats are safer than belt-fit seats – this is because the risk of fitting an Isofix seat incorrectly is far lower.

To properly protect your child in a collision a seat must be fitted correctly.

“Isofix simplifies fitment, and the green indicators clearly show that the seat is installed correctly.