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Fãs do Dementia Choir de Vicky McClure choram quando mulher revela diagnóstico em 49

FANS of Vicky McClure’s Dementia Choir have been left in tears after an emotional interview about a 51-year-old woman’s diagnosis.

Trigger Point actress Vicky, 39, sat down with long-term friend and dementia fighter Julie, who was diagnosed with dementia aged 49.

Fans were left emotional as Julie broke down

Fans were left emotional as Julie broke down
She spoke to Vicky about her diagnosis aged 49

She spoke to Vicky about her diagnosis aged 49

O par – who have known each other since 2018 – sat down to discuss her shock diagnosis and what it’s meant for her family.

“Tragicamente, life expectancy for a person diagnosed with early onset dementia is eight years,” Vicky introduced the segment.

She then sat down with Julie, who couldn’t remember she had recently been on holiday with her family to Prague without prompt.

How do you feel your dementia is progressing?” Vicky asked her, to which Julie replied: “It dropped off and now I’m on a level again.

I’m trying to cram so much in because I don’t know when the drop is going to come and I won’t be able to do anything. Sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes it’s not a blessing.

Getting emotional, Julie added of her eight grandchildren: “I want them to remember me. I want them to have the memory.

That upsets me, the thought that they won’t remember me.

Fans were left emotional at home as Julie’s daughter revealed she had been working hard toget out and do stuffwith her grandchildren even if shedidn’t remember it”, knowingthey do”.

That brought a tear to my eye,” one wrote of the emotional scene on Twitter, as another added: “So emotional watching this.

Um terceiro entrou na conversa: “Sobbing my way through this,” as a fourth penned alongside a crying emoji: “Oh, I’m gone at the Dementia Choir.

A fifth concluded: “I haven’t cried so much in ages.

Elsewhere in the programme, the Dementia Choir joined pop sensation Tom Grennan to sing on stage at a festival.

It comes after Gogglebox fans were left in tears as they watched Julie Malone break down in tears at The Dementia Choir Semana Anterior.

Viewers were reaching for the tissues as Julie cried at the emotional scenes in the BBC documentary hosted by actress Vicky McClure.

Before she, husband Tom Snr and their son Shaun had tuned in, Julie revealed why it was going to be a tough watch for her.

Ela disse: “We know about this only too well because of my mum.