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I fan di AGT criticano Howie Mandel per aver dato al gruppo corale il primo Golden Buzzer della stagione a causa della loro "sob story non cantata"’

AMERICA’S Got Talent fans slammed Howie Mandel for using his one Golden Buzzer on a choir group due to a “sob story” not their “singing ability.”

On tonight’s season premiere of the NBC competition, viewers were shocked the 65-year-old comedian advanced The Northwell Health Nurse Choir over other acts.

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Howie Mandel used his first and only Golden Buzzer of the season

Howie Mandel used his first and only Golden Buzzer of the seasonCredito: NBC

As the group came out in scrubs, they discussed their difficult year working through “a really dark, trying time” the pandemic.

The choir then sang a stunning rendition of a medley that included Lean on Me and Ben E. King’s classic Stand by Me.

As they sang, the group moved in choreographed motions and even added a rap verse to the middle to pick up the pace.

Group leader Christian Montanez, a registered nurse at North Shore University Hospital, discussed the pain of the Covid pandemic to judges Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum.

“Torna a marzo 2020, when New York was the epicenter of COVID, we were so scared.

“One patient became 10, 100, 1,000. Nobody knew how many people COVID would kill,” he confessed.

Another member, Danielle Filippone, who is a nurse at Staten Island University Hospital, said thehardest part was seeing these patients alone.

She added they: “couldn’t have their families with them so we stepped in as their family.”

Due to the hard times, The Northwell Nurse Choir was formed in November 2020 to serve as abeacon of hope” for the community.

Simon – who made his big comeback on Tuesday’s premieresaid their performance was “touching.”

tuttavia, Howie had the strongest reaction as he called it a “perfect” audition.

“You stand by people you don’t know, you watch horror and you watch strength and I thought… I want to stand for you,” he said getting up out of his chair.

The Deal Or No Deal alum then hit the Golden Buzzerwhich each judge only has the opportunity to do one time per season.

As gold confetti fell on stage, the dozens of singers began celebrating with shocked facial expressions.

tuttavia, fans accused Howie of only sending the group through due to their touching story rather than their actual talent.

Una persona ha detto: “Nurses in general are incredible and the Northwell choir is talented but they got their golden buzzer more for the story than their skills (as is the case w most golden buzzer acts)."

“America’s got sob stories,” a second quipped on Twitter.

Un terzo ha scritto: “I’m tired of these golden buzzer sob stories.”

“Raally?? The golden buzzer for a choir?? VERAMENTE?!?” Someone questioned alongside a confused gif.

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