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Es hora de la limpieza posterior a la Navidad, prueba estos consejos aprobados por influencers para ayudarte

WEDNESDAY is Twelfth Night so it’s time to take down the Xmas decs.

The post-Christmas clean is a big job to tackle, so try my influencer-approved tips to get you started.

It's time for the post Christmas clean - try these influencer approved tips to help you out

It’s time for the post Christmas cleantry these influencer approved tips to help you outCrédito: Getty

ASH MAMA REID @MamaReid: As you are cleaning, pop on a wax melt with a springlike scent to freshen your home.

MARIO MCKNIGHT @Cleaning_with_Mario: Swap your Christmas cushion covers and throws for new season look. To freshen, pop them into the tumble dryer with a dryer sheet then spritz your sofa and armchairs with a fabric spray.

LYNDSAY JOANNE @fizzypeaches: Don a pair of microfibre slippers. They’ll pick up everything from dog hair to tinsel to pine needles save you time cleaning the floors.

BIBIANA YETTY @bibianayetty: Get the kids involved. Give them a storage box to tidy away all their Xmas things. If there are any gifts they do not need, pass them to a charity shop so another family can benefit.

LIZA PRIDEAUX @lizaprideaux: Remove batteries from Xmas lights so they don’t leak. Wrap Xmas lights round old tinfoil or cardboard kitchen roll tubes to stop them tangling.

LYNSEY CROMBIE @lynsey_queenofclean: Spilt candle wax? Cover the wax with a clean tea towel then go over with your or hair dryer on a cool/medium setting. The heated wax then lifts off.

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CHARLOTTE TAYLOR @charltaylor: Box up Xmas decorations, crockery and bedding. Clean throroughly before you pack it away so it stays fresh for next year.

NIKKI RYAN @fopperholic: Do a decorations overhaul. Mend or upcycle those which need a quick fix and recycle any broken beyond repair. Wipe with a. soft paintbrush and carefully wrap in kitchen roll or bubble wrap before storying for next year.


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