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Piers Morgan abruptly ends on-air clash with abusive trans activist

PIERS Morgan was forced to abruptly cut off an abusive trans activist who shouted x-rated expletives at him live on air.

O TalkTV host encouraged ‘Jame’ – who chose not to reveal her identityto engage in aproper debateabout trans rights.

Piers Morgan wouldn't stand for the abuse on air

Piers Morgan wouldn’t stand for the abuse on air
Trans rights activist swore on live TV

Trans rights activist swore on live TV

It followedappalling scenesfrom protesters from Manchester Trans Rise Up dressed in balaclavas and black outfits surrounding suffragette leader Emmeline Pankhurst’s statue.

Appearing on Piers Morgan: Uncensored tonight to defend the protest, masked trans rights activist ‘Jamekicked off the interview positively saying: “Hey Piers, it’s good to hear your voice, você sabe.”

But things took a turn when ‘Jamewas unable to engage in a debate with the host, 56, without shouting abuse.

Piers said: “I have always supported trans rights to fairness and equality and I mean that sincerely.


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‘Jame, – who was wearing a black mask and sunglasseshit back: “That’s bull**** bro.

Piers calmly replied: “You can say bull**** bro and you’re entitled to. It’s an uncensored show and you’ve just proven it.

‘Jamecontinued to argue: “Wasn’t your profile picture a f***ing picture of a penguin?”

Piers stepped in: “There’s no point swearing. I apologise to our viewers for your bad language.

Ele explicou: “This is a chance for you to present yourself in a way that we can have a proper debate. If you’ve got no interest in doing that, that’s fine, but I’m just going to say to you I’ve always supported trans rights to fairness and equality.

My issue with how this trans debate is going is in issues like sport where I think it’s very unfair that trans women should be competing against women with female biological bodies.

Losing her temper, ‘Jame’ disse: “Piers, Piers, shut up bro. What are all these dog whistles and talking points.

Piers argued: “You can’t just call everyone who disagrees with you transphobic,” and warned: “If you keep swearing I’ll have to cut you off.

Ele continuou: “I’m trying to give you a chance. What is your problem with my position?”

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Refusing to give Piers an answer, ‘Jame’ disse: “I don’t really know.

I’m going to leave the interview now. I only came on here because I thought it would be kind of funny, but I want to say you’re a c*** and a…”

The abusive activist’s video link went black as Piers abruptly pulled him off air for the bad language.

Piers told TalkTV viewers: “I apologise to all viewers who were listening to that, Infelizmente, a complete idiot, which is what we saw from the video.

We hoped we could have a reasonable conversation, that’s unfortunately what we saw in the videoa very unpleasant piece of work.

They think it’s fine to come on a show like this and pretend to debate and then engage in just abusive language, that’s fine.

Later in the show, Piers further apologised to viewersand issued a ban on ‘Jameever appearing on TalkTV again.

I just want to reiterate , apologies to anybody who was offended by the pretty appalling language you heard from the first guest in that debate.

Eu obviamente pensei sobre isso, mas eu tinha um trabalho a fazer.”

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It’s a shame. I wanted to have a rational, sensible debate. They didn’t, so that’s it.

They won’t be back and we move on.

The activist refused to engage in a 'rational, sensible debate'

The activist refused to engage in a ‘rational, sensible debate