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VIEWERS were left gobsmacked when BBC Breakfast host Naga Munchetty schooled a head teacher on her language during this morning’s episode.

Catherine Davies, Executive Principal of Bexhill Academy in East Sussex, appeared on Colazione della BBC virtually to talk about the use of mobile phones in schools.

Viewers were stunned when BBC Breakfast's Naga Munchetty criticised her guest's language

Viewers were stunned when BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty criticised her guest’s languageCredito: BBC

Speaking to Naga Munchetty, 46, the head teacher said she had expectations of her pupils, but the presenter insisted that “expectations” were actually “rules”.

Catherine explained that Bexhill Academy’s policy is based on “a trusting relationship with pupils” and not “zero tolerance”.

A curious Naga asked: “Are [the phones] off all day or are [alunni] able to use them during break times?"

The principal responded: "No, we don’t expect to see them at break time either. At the end of the school day…”

A quel punto, the host jumped in to probe: “I’m really interested in your language, Caterina. Sorry to interrupt, but you say you don’t expect to see them.

“You’ve been very careful in terms of saying you don’t want zero tolerance or absolute rules, but it is a rule, non è vero??”

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Catherine was quick to defend her mobile phone policy and once again used the word “expectations”, which Naga swiftly jumped on.

"Ok, expectations. I might interpret that as rules”, she exclaimed.

It wasn’t long before Twitter was awash with viewers slamming Naga for rudely cutting off her guest.

Uno ha scritto: “I see the BBC policy of asking questions and interrupting guests / experts after one sentence is being dutifully followed.

“If only guests could interrupt their inquisitors when they pose a question and then spend another 30 seconds adding their own personal views!"

Un secondo aggiunto: ”It’s so unprofessional for a tv presenter to have an expert on to talk about something and then proceed to cut in on them when they disagree. Not ok”.

tuttavia, a couple had Naga’s back, with one calling Catherine’s approachwishy washy”.

Un altro ha commentato: “OMG the head teacher talking about ‘expectationsrather than rules is so woke and a prime example of what is wrong with the left wing in teaching.

It is a rule and she does punish pupils who use phones”.

The principal, Catherine Davies, defended her policy, which involves "expectations" e non "regole"

The principal, Catherine Davies, defended her policy, which involvesexpectations” e non “regole”Credito: BBC
Some viewers slammed Naga for interrupting her guest, while others came to her defence

Some viewers slammed Naga for interrupting her guest, while others came to her defenceCredito: BBC

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