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Farrah Abraham slammed for lighting fire with cleaning solution and lighter

FARRAH Abraham was slammed as “dangerous” for lighting a fire by spraying cleaning solution into a lighter.

The Teen Mom alum said she’s “losing it from Harvard finals,” while many fans believe she is “lying” about attending the prestigious university.

Farrah was slammed for starting a fire by spraying cleaning solution into a lighter

Farrah was slammed for starting a fire by spraying cleaning solution into a lighterCrédito: Instagram / Farrah Abraham
Many fans said she was acting 'dangerous'

Many fans said she was acting ‘dangerousCrédito: Instagram / Farrah Abraham
Farrah added that she was 'losing it from Harvard finals'

Farrah added that she was ‘losing it from Harvard finalsCrédito: Instagram / Farrah Abraham

Farrah recently took to Instagram to share a video of herself starting a fire with cleaning solution as she admitted toneeding a break from technology.

After she was seen lighting a large candle, the 30-year-old was transported onto a yacht, where she was seen lounging with a white bikini as she smelled the candle.

More clips followed of the former MTV star and her 12-year-old daughter Sophia spending time on the boat.

Alongside the post, Farrah wrote: “@hotelcollection_ how did I end up on a yacht ? ☀️’My waycandle 🕯 is epic. Mom’s get your relax on !
20% off ‘Farrahhotel 🛥🛥🛥 bikini 👙 @baddiebyrose #hotelcollection #candles #momsofinstagram #farrahabraham #teenmom #viaje #yate.”

She added in the comments section: “When you loose it from Harvard finals and finally get break whew! Candle magic @hotelcollection_ 😍”


While the Madre adolescente alum clearly found the video to be funny, her followers took to the comments section to slam the mother of one for acting “dangerous.”

Una persona escribió: “Why are you playing with a spray can and a lighter. Sorry that’s dangerous and shows you daughter if my mum can do it then so can I.”

Otro agregado: “Yes spray that over the flame. Will see how ur face is going to look when that flame jumps back into the bottle and explodes.”

Un tercero intervino: “You’re joking, derecho?"

One person told the former MTV star to “just stop,” as another added: “Get a clue. Please.”

A following person commented: “Farrah is low end Wal-Mart status.”

While some insisted Farrah is a “joke,” another Instagram user wrote: “So with everything else goong on in tje world were just gonna start trustijg farrah with fire and arisole cans? 🤦🏼‍♀️”

An additional person said: “Burning yourself & smelling an unlit candle outside. How is it you constantly fail to ever do anything right. Companies can’t seriously be paying for this.”


De vuelta en mayo, Farrah posted on LinkedIn that she is working towards a Master of Liberal Arts from the Creative Writing and Literature Graduate Program at Harvard.

The TV personality’s Harvard credentials were later removed from LinkedIn después de ella “couldn’t provethat she is attending the Ivy League school, as fans also questioned her admittance to the prestigious school.

sin embargo, a rep for Harvard University exclusively confirmed to The Sun that Farrah is enrolled as a student at Harvard.

The rep told The Sun: “We can confirm that Farrah is registered as of right now in online Summer courses.”


De vuelta en enero 2020, Farrah’s mom Debra told The Sun that Farrah was attending The Los Angeles Film School.

Debra praised her daughter at the time for “growing tremendously” after she was fired from Mamá adolescente OG en 2017 because of her X-rated webcam stints and harsh treatment of the crew.

Farrah graduated from the school in September 2020.

As for her hopes for the future, the Teen Mom alum previously revealed that she plans to run for a government position.

sin embargo, fans branded herdelusionalfor her political aspirations.

Fans have accused Sophia's mother of 'lying' about going to Harvard

Fans have accused Sophia’s mother of ‘lyingabout going to HarvardCrédito: TikTok/farrahandsophia
She recently graduated from film school in September

She recently graduated from film school in SeptemberCrédito: Social Media – Consulte la fuente