4 tourists dead & 15 injured as tour bus plunges 330 feet down cliff edge

FOUR tourists have been killed and another 15 have been left injured after a tour bus plunged 330 feet down a cliff on the way back from Machu Picchu.

The horror accident happened on Sunday when the minibus they were travelling in crashed into a ravine.

The crash left four tourists dead

The crash left four tourists deadCredit: AFP
The minibus was travelling back from Machu Picchu

The minibus was travelling back from Machu PicchuCredit: AFP

Authorities said three of the casualties were Colombian and the fourth one was from Peru.

The injured victims of the crash have been identified as Israeli Kfir Givony and Tamuz Hana Weinberger, French Juliet Clard, Adrien Colotte, Timothee Malexeiux and Lecuyer Tom and Canadians Hugo Marijin and Francis Floya.

The others were María Cecilia Luis and Pedro Rubén Batuecas from Argentina, Greeks Myrto Arvaniti and Andrea Sofianos Jip Nekker, from the Netherlands and Irene Manaun Camarillo from Spain.

The driver Sherwin Zevallos Montesinos was also injured in the crash.

The country’s tourism and foreign business minister Roberto Sanchez said that the tour bus fell down “a ravine of a little more than 100 meters”.

The accident happened on Sunday night around 62 miles from the city of Cusco which is the main departure point for travellers visiting Machu Picchu.

“There was fog where the accident happened,” added Sanchez, who said the tourists were heading back from Machu Picchu.

He said some of the injured tourists would soon be transferred to the Peruvian capital Lima by an Air Force plane.

He added: “We deeply regret the loss of human lives and express our deepest condolences to their families.”

One of those injured, Timothee Malexeiux, told reporters he was sleeping when the bus crash occurred.

“I’m physically fine,” he said.

Machu Picchu, a jewel of the Peruvian tourism industry, was built in the 15th century as a religious sanctuary of the Incas and is located in the Amazon of southeastern Peru at nearly 8000ft altitude.

Accidents are common in Peru where speeding, poor road surfaces, and a lack of road signs contribute.

Three weeks ago, 16 people died when another minibus crashed into a ravine in the central Junin province.

Between January and October 2021, some 2053 people died in traffic accidents in Peru, according to the latest figures available.