Happy National Orgasm Day! Here’s 6 tips for an even better climax tonight

IT’S National Orgasm Day – a day we can all enjoy…

Having an orgasm makes you feel good in all sorts of ways – it releases the happy hormone and can even increase your immunity.

Orgasms have so many benefits, aside from just feeling good

Orgasms have so many benefits, aside from just feeling goodCredit: Getty – Contributor

By yourself or with a partner, it gives many health benefits and is a massive stress buster.

So it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sex life, and the experts at Chemist Click have revealed their six tips to keep yours in tip top shape.

1. Use toys

They say: “It’s no secret that sex toys and tools can help you achieve an even greater orgasm much quicker, so making sure that you experiment with various different toys is a sure-fire way to have an even better orgasm experience.

“Most people assume these are only used in masturbation but introducing a toy into the bedroom with your partner can be a great way to help you to achieve an even more intense orgasm through the help of a massager or a toy which stimulates the clitoris.”

2. Try “edging”

“Edging is the term used to describe when you are on the edge having an orgasm, but you stop yourself right before and make your body wait.

“Many women enjoy edging during masturbation as it can increase the build-up and blood flow to the genitals which in turns means that you will experience an even more intense and mind-blowing orgasm when you finally let go and release.

“You can also try this method with a partner during foreplay, getting them to stop stimulating you for a few moments to build anticipation and arousal.”

3. Get out of your head

“The main reason many can’t achieve orgasm or are not making the most out of the big O is due to not allowing yourself to really be in the moment and free your mind.

“With modern day stresses such as work, family and money sometimes it can be hard to focus on what your doing.

“Try to leave such things out of the bedroom, perhaps watch a sexy film together or porn which should help take your mind of daily life and onto being turned on.”

4. Make time for foreplay

“Foreplay is imperative for allowing you to become turned on and aroused which then helps with lubrication.

“A good amount of foreplay before sex is a great way to allow your body to focus on what is going on and for your mind to be completely focused on feeling good.

“Ensure your partner understands this and let them use toys and whatever else is needed for you to feel completely turned on and aroused before you start having intercourse.”

5. Be honest

“Some women may struggle to have good orgasms with a partner due to feelings of shame an embarrassment, this is most especially when you are in the first stages of a relationship where you are getting to know each other’s bodies.

“Its super important to be honest with the person you are having sexual intercourse with, as this is the only way you will truly be able to relax and be in the moment to allow for an orgasm that you might usually achieve alone.”

6. Know your body

“Understanding your own body is the best way to help you achieve even better orgasms, if you don’t know what you like or what turns you on chances are you are missing out on an even better climax.

“Ask your partner to experiment on you with sex toys or their hand and try to get a better understanding of the different types of orgasms you can achieve which should help you to know what feels best.”

Whether you’re dealing with medical issues and limitations or not, you’ll be amazed how much good a daily boost of ‘vitamin O’ can do you.

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