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FIFA 23 Pro Clubs e Volta trazem grandes mudanças

PRO Clubs is one of the most popular modes for FIFA fans to play football with friends.

Controlling only your player, each of you takes up a single position just as you might on real turf.

You will be able to see who came out on top.

You will be able to see who came out on top.Crédito: EA Sports

Developer EA has just unveiled its Pro Clubs deep dive with all the biggest changes coming to the mode.

Here’s all changes to this FIFA mode made during the announcement.

Our powers combined

It'll be easier than ever before to earn rewards.

It’ll be easier than ever before to earn rewards.Crédito: EA Sports

It was not unusual to hear FIFA 22 Volta Football or Pro Club players moan about how much of a grind these modes are.

Agora FIFA 23 combines the progression of both modes, so whichever you play, you will make progress on both sides.

Volta was first launched in FIFA 20, and is the game’s take on street football, with the bonus of unlocking numerous cosmetics.

This means players can now unlock Volta coins and XP/skill points in Pro Clubs as well.

Level up

Changes will make it much easier to level up.

Changes will make it much easier to level up.

Due to community feedback on just how slow levelling up in FIFA 22 Pro Clubs was, EA has changed the system.

Not only will the XP be shared but player progression has now been increased to 100 levels.

This means players can level up more often and rewards will be spread out more evenly.

A number of perks have also been added including ‘poacher’, ‘interceptor’, ‘light passes’, and ‘take flight’.

‘Take flightis a new signature ability which will allow you to jump higher at corners like Cristiano Ronaldo.

Top scorers

For the first time you can see top players on the accolades screen.

For the first time you can see top players on the accolades screen.Crédito: EA Sports

Much like other online games, such as shooters and battle royales, the top performers of every match will be shown during the accolades screen.

It will be judged based on achievements such as most distance covered or most tackles made.

This means you’ll be able to take a look at how you compare without looking at the scoresheet.

Player ratings have also been reworked and now reward more fairly defensive players who don’t score many goals but are still a major part of the action.

Big plays

New stadiums and arenas coming to FIFA.

New stadiums and arenas coming to FIFA.Crédito: EA Sports

Volta players are getting a brand new stadium, much larger than other arenas.

Not only is there a lot more space, but the walls will be bouncier allowing for longer passes, and the goal area has been extended.

Those who like to keep their games small shouldn’t be alarmed though as the other arenas will still remain in the rotation.

There are also new cosmetics for both modes, such as shoes and accessories.

For the first time players will be able to show some ink, as tattoos are introduced.

Other funny accessories like a broken nose protector have been added, but you won’t be able to equip these in Pro Club play.

Crossplay you say?

Women's teams are enhanced with Hypermotion2.

Women’s teams are enhanced with Hypermotion2.Crédito: EA Sports

FIFA 23 will introduce online crossplay across consoles, split between two groups of latest gen and last gen players.

This means PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia and PC players can all share a pitch, enquanto PS4 e Xbox One owners can also play together.

Contudo, the latest crossplay feature will not be available for 11 player Pro Club matches.

Players will still be able to play with friends online, but only on the same kind of console.

While EA is aware that this is a feature the community wants, it was unable to implement it for FIFA 23.

In a statement it explained: ““because of the technical intricacies of implementing cross-play, modes that pair players together such as Pro Clubs will not feature cross-play at this time.”

There will be improvements to drop-ins though, making mid-match entrances and exits smoother.

Players will also be able to do skill moves with their left feet for the first time.

The most intriguing update to Pro Clubs gameplay is the reported improvements to drop-ins, which will include shorter games and even golden goal situations.

For the time-short or those wanting a warm-up, this is perfect.

FIFA 23 releases on September 30, and those who buy the Ultimate edition will gain access three days sooner.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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