Arquivos de tags: Os festivais de MÚSICA estão lentamente voltando à medida que os regulamentos da pandemia se tornam menos restritivos

Fornite acaba de se unir ao Coachella - veja como obter roupas reativas à música

FORTNITE has announced a partnership with Coachella that will bring the look and feel of the festival to the virtual world.

We’re excited to partner with such an epic entertainment brand to reimagine Coachella for the next generation of fans,” Innovation Lead at Coachella Sam Schoonover told The Sun.

Coachella is the latest partner on Fortnite's long list of collaborations

Coachella is the latest partner on Fortnite’s long list of collaborations

While a full-scale in-world event hasn’t been announced, the aesthetic and music of Coachella is coming to the Fortnite universe.

Users can download festival-inspired skins from the Item shop that react to music from the game.

When players enter vehicles to traverse the Fortnite landscape, music from more than 30 Coachella performers will cycle through the stations.

Now fans can interact with Coachella beyond the physical, both on-site and at-home, and connect with artists, creators, and fans in surprising ways,” uma demonstração disse.

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Fortnite has a proven track record as a host for digital events.

Dois anos atrás, Travis Scott performed for over 12million avatars during a string of online concerts.

Pop star Ariana Grande had similar success with digital performances platformed by Fortnite.

As Coachella continues to scale online, we recognize the importance of creating fun digital experiences to drive engagement and build community,” Schoonover said. “There are few companies that do this better than Fortnite.

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The outfits will drop in bundles on April 14 e abril 21.

Users can download the Wilder and Lyric outfit packs from the Item shop at 8PM while the Alto and Poet skins drop next week.

Jogos épicos, Fortnite’s parent company, wrote that the company would run a photo contest inspired by the new skins.

You can share your screenshots with the #Fortography hashtag on Twitter and/or the Fortography post flair on r/FortNiteBR,” a post said. “We’ll be highlighting some of our favorites in a blog post on April 29 (E)!”

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Some outlets are quipping that the digital Coachella experience will be better than actually attending.

Fortnite Coachella’s Coming, But With None Of The Sunburn Or Drugs,” a headline on the gaming site Kotaku leitura.

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