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Sailors who hauled Queen’s coffin reveal they were overwhelmed with sadness

AWE-INSPIRING sailors who hauled the Queen’s coffin by hand have revealed how they were overwhelmed by pride, joy and sadness after performing their historic duty.

Sailors sobbed, cheered and hugged each other — out of public view — when commanders gave the final order to “down drags”, which meant their duty was done.

Sailors have revealed their mixed emotions after hauling the Queen's coffin by hand

Sailors have revealed their mixed emotions after hauling the Queen’s coffin by handCrédit: Royaume-Uni MOD Couronne droit d'auteur

Able Seaman Shauna Broderick, 25, mentionné: “It was unreal. I had a couple of tears.”

Royal Navy nurse Jess King, 32, mentionné: “We hugged and cried. It was a moment of relief, happiness and pride.

“We knew that we had done it and we had done it well.”

Captain Catherine Jordan, 47, the gun carriage crew commander, mentionné: “The most emotional part was seeing the coffin departing to the sound of the National Anthem."

Commander Steve Elliott, 49, second in command, said it was “an incredible honour” to take part.

Il ajouta: “We all had to keep our emotions under control.”