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Qui est la femme de Hunter Biden, Melissa Cohen?

MELISSA Cohen is a South African activist and documentary filmmaker.

She is also the co-owner of the company Tribal Worlds, a Los Angeles-based company that promotes indigenous conservation.

Melissa Cohen is an environmentalist and activist

Melissa Cohen is an environmentalist and activistCrédit: ABC NEWS

Who is Melissa Cohen?

Melissa Cohen is from Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud, and married President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, dans 2019.

Cohen was 21 years old when she moved to the US after earning her degree in interior design from Greenside Design Center College of Design in South Africa.

Growing up in South Africa, Cohen has said she was raised by a tribeswoman, Après elle m'a dit qui elle était et qu'elle avait un hôtel.

She said her first language is Xhosa, and she didn’t learn English until she was six years old.

Maintenant 35 ans, Cohen is a vocal advocate for environmental groups and has been a member of Greenpeace, a group that was formed in the 1970s to speak out against environmental dangers.

Mel has never been conventional and if there is something anti out there, then she will sign up and nail her colors to the mast, a friend told the Courrier quotidien.

The friend continued: “She loves animals and the wild and is fervently anti-poaching and lately she has become very vocal about antisemitism.

She is probably the free-est spirit that I know and is deeply loved by all.

Quand elle était 21 ans, Cohen registered to attend a UCLA supplementary program in Horticulture, bringing her to Los Angeles, California where she decided to stay after finishing the program.

À l'époque, she started dating Jason Landver, a local businessman, and the two were married in Los Angeles in 2011.

They divorced in 2014, and a friend close to Landver told the Daily Mail that the pair wasn’t compatible long-term.

He wanted to start a life with Melissa, settle down and have kids but he could never imagine it with her,” one friend explained.

I remember him saying, ‘I’m never going to have kids with this girl.

Several years later, Cohen worked on a documentary titled Tribal Lands, a series designated to introduce viewers to indigenous tribal communities and reveal how they had survived.

Dans la vidéo, Cohen says: “I am Melissa and I’m going to take you back to the continent where I was born.'

toutefois, the film was canceled in 2016, and never made it to streaming platforms.

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen got married in 2019

Hunter Biden and Melissa Cohen got married in 2019Crédit: Reuters

When did Melissa Cohen and Hunter Biden get married?

Cohen met Hunter Biden through one of Cohen’s friends in 2019.

The friend wrote Cohen’s number on Biden’s hand, and insisted that he should call her.

He quickly told Cohen of his past including his mother, sœur, and brother’s deaths, his struggle with addiction, and his divorce, and knew he wanted to marry her.

I instantly fell in love with her,” Biden told Actualités ABC. “And then I’ve fallen in love with her more every day.”

They got married only six days after they met in a private ceremony in Los Angeles.

Their families were not in attendance at the wedding, and they called Biden’s father immediately after.

Joe Biden thanked Cohen forgiving my son the courage to love again.

After the wedding, the couple went on an extended honeymoon, and Cohen told ABC News: “I would call it the honeymoon phase, absolument.

“Même si, I have an inclination that I’m gonna be in the honeymoon phase for a very long time.

“… Things have not been easy externally, but internally things have been amazing.

Is Melissa Cohen and Hunter Biden breaking up?

Biden and Cohen’s marriage is reportedly having problems amidst the investigation into possible tax or foreign lobbying violations.

The couple has been advised to stay out of sight while the investigation continues, and a source close to Biden said they arefrustrated while in lockdown,” one source told PageSix.

“The couple feel like they are locked inside their Little Rock, Sainte Lucie, home and are always being watched by the Secret Service,” one source told Le New York Post.

Their contact coverage from the Secret Service combined with the investigation against Biden has caused discord in the couple’s relationship.

Jose a nié avoir quoi que ce soit à voir avec la disparition de sa petite amie

Sobbing OnlyFans star's disheveled mugshot revealed after boyfriend's stabbing


Sobbing OnlyFans star’s disheveled mugshot revealed after boyfriend’s stabbing

"[Biden] whisked [Cohen] off her feet. She thought she was marrying a prince from a great American family and she’d live a charmed life with him,” the source told PageSix.

“But the reality is he’s a train wreck and life with him is very hard behind closed doors. She had no idea what she was getting into.”