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Loose Women’s Coleen Nolan in on-air feud with Carol McGiffin saying ‘I’m going to absolutely batter you

LOOSE Women’s Coleen Nolan and Carol McGiffin began bickering live on air today as the pair traded insults.

The singer took exception to one particular barb telling her: “I’m going to absolutely batter you.

Coleen Nolan traded verbal blows on today's episode of Loose Women

Coleen Nolan traded verbal blows on today’s episode of Loose Women

Speaking during a debate about whether women were better at handling heartbreak, Carol sniped at her co-star.

Coleen said: “The issue with me is I’ve broken somebody’s heart and that broke my heart more than me being dumped.

Carol told her: “It’s not competitive heart-breaking you know.

Trying to ignore her, Coleen went on: “It broke my heart to break someone’s heart.

Carol cut in again saying: “Why did you do it? Sien, you’re not nice.

Turning to her fellow panellist, Coleen told her: “I’m going to absolutely batter you in a minute, I don’t care that it’s lunchtime.

Gesturing at her colourful outfit, het sy bygevoeg: “Get back to children’s television or whatever you’re dressed for.

Die paar, who are known to be friends, are often combative on the show, though rarely insult each other to the degree seen on screen today.