I feel pressure to look a certain way after cruel thin-shaming says Adam Collard

LOVE Island star Adam Collard has opened up on the “pressure” he feels to conform to a certain body image.

The star, 27, has appeared not once but twice on the hit ITV series, but away from the show Adam works as a personal trainer.

Love Island star Adam Collard has opened up on the pressure to look a certain way

Love Island star Adam Collard has opened up on the pressure to look a certain wayCredit: INSTAGRAM
The fitness lover has appeared on Love Island twice

The fitness lover has appeared on Love Island twiceCredit: Rex

His social media shows the star training clients at his SCULPT fitness centre, and he regularly shares body snaps showcasing his chiselled physique.

But Adam says there’s definitely a certain pressure to look a certain way and discussed thin-shaming.

In an exclusive chat with The Sun, the star shared: “I’ll be honest, the reason I got into fitness was because I was around 16-years-old and I really didn’t like my body the way it was.

“I stood out at school and got bad comments because I was tall and a bit overweight.

“But thanks to that I have a little voice in my head that keeps me on track, but there really is a pressure to look a certain way.”

Discussing “thin-shaming” he’s received, Adam explained: “What is a big problem for example is my stepmum thinks she’s being lovely and says things like ‘you’re looking skinny at the minute’ and she thinks that’s a compliment.

“But comments like that can really get you down and I know others who’ve been effected by comments like that. You do have to be careful nowadays saying those things.

“This whole conversation surrounding this issue is something I’m very, very passionate about. I talk about it a lot.

“You don’t know what someone’s situation is so being called super skinny could affect them negatively, in the same way as being called super fat.

“It depends who you’re talking to but for some it could be a trigger for them.”

It comes as Adam opened up on his split from co-star Paige Thorne after he was accused of flirting with other girls.

The Sun revealed last month that Adam and Paige, 25, who met on this year’s series of the hit show, had called it a day, and while Paige has discussed her side of things, Adam remained quiet on the matter.

Paige split from the online fitness coach after videos emerged of Adam on a night out with his arms around the other woman.

Speaking out, Adam admits he “shouldn’t have had his arm around [the girl]” like he did, but said it has all been misinterpreted.

He explained: “I’ve heard so much misinformation the past few days, so I feel like I need to now say what really happened.

“What you don’t actually see in the video is the camera goes around and I get photos with all of her friends like that and take pictures with all of them.”

Adam explained that was “all that happened,” adding it was just a “snap shot.”

The star continued: “It was just a laugh and carry on. Again, another thing you don’t see is that two of my friends are actually on the left and right.

“All we were doing was waiting for food and took pictures with people in there.

“The blonde girl has publicly said she went home on her own and again at the end of the video you don’t see her go left and me go right. But that doesn’t matter because people want to believe what they want to believe.”

Adam added that the following morning was hard, as he knew it was the “beginning of the end” for his relationship with paramedic girlfriend Paige.

Adam says people don't realise the impact thin-shaming could have

Adam says people don’t realise the impact thin-shaming could haveCredit: Instagram