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Sono cristiano e mi sono innamorato del mio collega musulmano – Sono stato messo in guardia da lei

CARO DEIDRE: Something goes off in my head whenever my colleague walks in the room and I know she feels it too.

We both work in the same supermarket and all our co-workers have noticed it tooand not in a good way.

Sono 24 e lei è 23.

We have a lot in common and both love football and street dance but when I invited her to watch a local football match together I was warned off her.

She is Muslim and I’m Christian and although she said she wanted to go, but commented her friends wouldn’t approve.

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Whenever we are in the staff lounge together everything is fine until one of her friends enters.

Then the whole atmosphere changes and I can see she gets uncomfortable.

I’d like to ask her out again but don’t want to put her in a difficult situation.

What should I do?

DEIDRE DICE: It is so frustrating when other people put external obstacles in the way of a potential relationship. But really the important people here are you two.

So in a quiet moment ask this woman what she thinks. Would she like to go out with you or will it always be too difficult for her?

If she says she won’t ever be able to date you, you really need to do your best to move on.

If her family, friends and culture frowns upon marrying outsidethat is a powerful force and one you may never break through.

Take her answer as final and do your best to look forward.

As you are both under 25 you can get support from The Mix (