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Los fanáticos de la Caza se sonrojaron cuando el "coqueto" Bradley Walsh felicita al concursante

THE Chase fans were left blushing as “coqueta” Bradley Walsh showered a contestant with compliments.

ITV viewers were puzzled that as Bradley paid the 20-year-old contestant Phoebe a series of gushing remarks.

ITV viewers were baffled as Bradley Walsh paid contestant Phoebe a string of compliments

ITV viewers were baffled as Bradley Walsh paid contestant Phoebe a string of complimentsCrédito: ITV
The ITV host likened the contestant's hair to a 'mermaid'

The ITV host likened the contestant’s hair to a ‘mermaidCrédito: ITV

The university student studying History took on Chaser Paul ‘SinnermanSinha to take £1,000 back to the final round.

sin embargo, the host was quick to praise the youngster and complimented her “sirena” hair as he referred to her golden blonde locks paired with her pink jumper.

Bradley stepped up the kind words when he later referred to her as a “reina”.

The TV favourite explained that he was simply referring musician Queen after the contestants tried to make music references from Abba and Take That.

sin embargo, Quiz genius Paul was left equally confused by Bradley’s compliments.

He joked: “I’m a bit worried about you Bradley! First you called her a mermaid, then a queen, Have you been binge watching Hans Christian Andersen?”

Bradley reminded him that it was a music reference and said:”Look at Phoebe’s hair!”

He later asked her age, which she revealed as 20, which saw Brad respond: “Guau, young player. I wish you luck.

sin embargo, viewers were left cringing after the presenter enjoyed some cheeky banter.

Uno escribió: “Is Brad trying to flirt with Phoebe?”, mientras que otro agregó: “Does Brad fancy Phoebe?”

Otro publicado: “Brad is giving excessive praise to Phoebe.

Is this Phoebe dating Bradley’s son, or is she his next door neighbour’s daughter?…” joked a third.

Phoebe managed to make £3,000 in the cash builder, but took the Chaser’s offer of £1,000.

Sotavento, Phoebe and Gillian made it through to the final chase with a total of £4,000, but were eventually caught with seconds to go.

The contestants were sadly beaten by Paul Sinha

The contestants were sadly beaten by Paul SinhaCrédito: ITV

The Chase’s Bradley Walsh scolds contestants for ‘acting like schoolkidsas they shout at him from across set

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