LOVE Island star Rosie Williams couldn’t have been happier with the results of her recent hair transplantand it’s all down to one man.

Over the last ten years Dr Matee Rajput has become the go-to hair transplant surgeon for celebrities and has transformed the lives of footballers, actors and reality TV stars.

Love Island star Rosie Williams gushed about her hair transplant

Love Island star Rosie Williams gushed about her hair transplant
The doctor has worked on some of the UK's most recognisable faces

The doctor has worked on some of the UK’s most recognisable faces

Some of his past clients include TV presenter Joe Swash, Love Island star Jack Fincham and singer Gareth Gates.

Earlier this year he allowed the TV cameras into his Kent clinic to film reality star Greg Shepherd’s hair transplant.

Greg and wife Billie were filming their show for ITVBe and wanted viewers to see exactly what happens during the procedure. They also wanted everyone to see how much Greg’s confidence grew after the transplant.

Speaking about helping his high profile clients look their best Dr Matee, who has clinics in London and Manchester, 前記: “It’s a confidence thing because every time you look at yourself in the mirror you have to be happy.


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“I see so many people with low self-esteem and it’s something I can help with. More and more celebrities are being open about having procedures too which is a good thing.

“There are still many who don’t want people to know that they’ve been to one of my clinics and that’s fine, I always respect their privacy.

“But there are many people who could really use my help to make themselves feel better.

“When someone like Greg is so open about his procedure on TV it really helps show people what we do.

“If you’re unhappy about something and it’s affecting your everyday life then why would you not do something about it?

“We are seeing more and more enquiries and when people like Greg talk about their results it really helps to normalise what we are doing here in my clinics.”

But it’s not only hair-transplant procedures that Dr Matee helps celebrities with. Reality TV babe Bianca Gascoigne recently had an eyebrow transplant and Geordie Shore hunk Gaz Beadle had a beard transplant.

He also operates a Hair For Heroes initiative where he provides free or substantially reduced-price hair restoration treatments to individuals nominated by the public.

Dr Matee said: “It’s my way of saying thank you to the incredible individuals who have helped to make our society better.

“Nominees can include people who have faced adverse circumstances or have done something amazing for the communityand who ordinarily wouldn’t be able to afford the treatment themselves.

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“We’ve had nominees from all walks of life including teachers, NHS staff, armed servicemen, police officers, youth and social workers, religious leaders and volunteer workers.”

For more information readers check out Dr Matee’s website and to nominate someone for the Help For Heroes initiative