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Spoiler su Emmerdale: Ethan Anderson in pericolo mentre affronta il cattivo Greg

ETHAN Anderson takes on his boss Greg after the latter progressively showed his true colours.

Coming up in Emmerdale, the solicitor takes another stand against him after his partner Marcus Dean is targeted.

Ethan Anderson confronts his boss Greg

Ethan Anderson confronts his boss GregCredito: ITV
But he's also determined to spend a good Christmas with his loved ones

But he’s also determined to spend a good Christmas with his loved onesCredito: ITV
The Anderson family is ready to forget this year's hardships

The Anderson family is ready to forget this year’s hardshipsCredito: ITV

Christmas comes along in the Dales and the Anderson family are ready to celebrate, forgetting all the tough times they’ve had to go through this year.

Ready for better days alongside his family and his partner, Etano (giocato da Emile John) takes the PA church system and puts it in the street along with a basic set of disco lights.

This triggers a street party but the festivities are abruptly interrupted.

For several weeks, Ethan has been on edge because of his boss, Greg.

The latter threatens to ruin Ethan’s reputation if the complaint made against him isn’t dropped.

Matters go from bad to worse when Ethan realises Greg has review bombed Marcus Dean’s (Darcy Grey) business.

Not willing to take any of Greg’s abuse, even if it’s directed at his other half, Ethan decides to confront Greg once and for all.

But how will their exchange pan out?

Ethan’s career as a solicitor has been blossoming, much like his love life and relationship with Marcus Dean.

In recent scenes, tuttavia, there seemed to be one obstacle he has yet to figure out.

When he decided to invite Greg over for a meal, Marcus was initially keen to meet his partner’s boss.

tuttavia, he soon had a change of heart and was even left on edge by Greg’s arrival.

Marcus eventually put up a brave front and agreed to share a meal with Ethan and Greg.

But why has Greg’s arrival rattled him so much?


Tutto quello che devi sapere su Emmerdale

Making his Emmerdale debut earlier in 2022, Marcus was introduced as serial killer Pierce Harris’ figlio.

Despite rocky beginnings, he struck up a romance with Ethan Anderson and the pair appear stronger than ever.

Yet Darcy Grey has teased that his on-screen alter ego may be just as dangerous as his evil father, leaving fans trying to rumble what he may really be up to.

Is everything really as it seems?

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Is there trouble ahead for Marcus and Ethan?

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV.

Ethan even throws a street party

Ethan even throws a street partyCredito: ITV
But is everything really as it seems?

But is everything really as it seems?Credito: ITV