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The Traitors fans label contestant a ‘hero’ as he changed the course of the show

FANS of The Traitors were quick to label one contestant a ‘heroafter he successfully dropped hints about another remaining player being a traitor.

Le BBC Un series had fans on tenterhooks with its nail-biting finale which saw Hannah, Aaron and Meryl successfully win the show after knocking out the two remaining traitorsWilf and Kieran.

Kieran left a 'parting gift' for the remaining players

Kieran left a ‘parting giftfor the remaining playersCrédit: BBC
Hannah noticed Kieran's cryptic clues

Hannah noticed Kieran’s cryptic cluesCrédit: BBC
The winners of The Traitors

The winners of The TraitorsCrédit: BBC

However in a shock twist of events, Kieran dropped a number of subtle bombshells about there being one traitor left in the game as he became the first of the final five to be banished.

During a heated roundtable discussion, it became clear that Kieran was the name on everyone’s lips.

As opposed to defending himself, Kieran took the opportunity to tell his fellow players to vote him off.

A defiant Kieran said: “I would like to speed up the process and get it over and done with if I’m honest,” as he turned his head to the show’s host Claudia Winkleman.

Kieran remained coy as he told his fellow players that there were ‘certain lineshe wouldn’t cross as Hannah and Meryl looked on in confused at his cryptic clues.

He then revealed the result of his vote as he said: “A parting giftWill.

This comment left a sad taste in everyone’s mouths as they tried to work out what he meant and why he had decided to pick Will despite enjoying a close bond.

After mulling over it, it soon became clear that Hannah and Aaron had twigged and that Kieran’s words had led them to believe he was a traitor.

Fans at home labelled Kieran a ‘heroas he proved a turning point in the direction of the nail-biting final.

One fan declared: “That was the best ending to the show. Well played Kieran. Well played.

Another simply stated: “Kieran is a king.

Un troisième écrit: “Kieran is the nation’s hero right now.

As a fourth echoed: “The tension on #TheTraitors is ridiculous. They all owe Kieran a serious drink though, from villain to hero in one move.

As winners, Aaron, Meryl and Hannah each took home a slice of the whopping £101,050.