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All the secret signals made by I’m A Celeb contestants to their families

A COMMON occurrence on I’m A Celebrity is spotting the stars making secret hand gestures, in a bid to contact family members on the outside world.

As communication between celebs and the outside world isn’t allowed during the time the show is on, they make secret signals to their loved ones.

Chris Moyles made a 'T' sign which viewers believed was for his girlfriend Tiffany

Chris Moyles made a ‘Tsign which viewers believed was for his girlfriend TiffanyAnerkennung: ITV
Sue Cleaver would rub her chest

Sue Cleaver would rub her chestAnerkennung: ITV

Some of the messages are subtle, while others are more obvious.

Radio DJ Chris Moyles was amongst this year’s celebrities making a secret sign to communicate with his girlfriend Tiffany watching at home.

Chris was seen making a letter T-shape with his hands.

It came around when Chris was certain the cameras would be filmingthis being when Ant and Dec entered the jungle to reveal which campmate would be tackling the next challenge.

As he sat around the camera making the letter with his fingers, fans were convinced it referred to girlfriend Tiffany Austin, who he started dating back in 2015.

Einer schrieb auf Twitter: “Anyone notice @ChrisMoyles with the cheeky T sign? #ImACelebrity.

A fan then replied: “I think… Everyone. Lol bless.

Mike Tindall also took part in the secret message sending, and rubbed his ear lobes to communicate with friends and family back home.

Much like Chris, he did it when Ant and Dec entered the camp.

It has since been revealed by his rugby teammates that he did it to say hi to his former rugby teammates and podcast hosts James Haskell and Alex Payne.

Chatting to them before going into the jungle, Alex sagte: “Can you have like a little tell? Can you do the catty earlobe or something on one of the challenges to let us know that you are thinking of us?”

Mike asked: “What do you want it to be?”

Alex confirmed: “Little ear lobe, just to let us know you’re thinking of us.

Corrie star Sue Cleaver opted to tap her chest when the cameras were on her, as a signal, again doing it while Ant and Dec came in to announce who was doing the next Bushtucker Trial.

And according to the Loose Women panellists, Charlene White also had a secret signal which she used in the jungle.

Before jetting off, the ITV news reader discussed how she will stay in contact with her loved ones while in the jungle.

L.inda Robson, who took part in the show in 2012, sagte: “Apparently Charlene’s got a signal… Was ist es?”

Christine revealed: “So apparently this is to let us know, and her family know that everything is going OK.

Apparently she’s going to be rubbing her ear whilst doing this so it looks like an L!”

Mike rubbed his ears to signal to his pals

Mike rubbed his ears to signal to his pals
The stars made their signals when Ant and Dec entered the camp

The stars made their signals when Ant and Dec entered the campAnerkennung: ITV