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I was most controversial star on I’m A Celebritytrials take HOURS and here’s what Ant and Dec get up to off camera

GILLIAN McKeith has opened up about what it’s really like to take part in I’m a Celebrity.

The controversial campmate, 63, starred in the 2010 series and recently finished filming the All Stars edition, set to air next year.

Gillian has revealed what it's really like to take part in I'm a Celebrity

Gillian has revealed what it’s really like to take part in I’m a CelebrityAnerkennung: ITV
She also claimed Ant and Dec aren't allowed to speak to stars off camera

She also claimed Ant and Dec aren’t allowed to speak to stars off cameraAnerkennung: ITV

You Are What You Eat Star Gillian caused a stir during her first time on the show.

Sie fainted twice during trials but was called out over hertheatricsafter viewers spotted her pulling down her top while supposedly unconscious.

Ich spreche ausschließlich mit der Sonne, Gillian revealed how long the infamous Bushtucker Trials really take to shoot.

Sie sagte: “I was hardly in camp as was doing trials every single day. What you don’t see if that when you go off to do a trial, you are out for hours. It takes nearly all day.

They walk you for miles. I would be taken for a walk that would be going on for like an hour.

It felt that way anyway, I didn’t have my watch, to get to the trial. You would not be allowed to speak to anyone, you could try speaking to the guards that would take you to the trial but they would never speak back ever. It felt very isolating.

And Gillian claims that, even when campers arrive at the trial, Gastgeber Ameise McPartlin und Declan Donnelly aren’t very chatty until the cameras are rolling.

Sie fuhr fort: “Ant and Dec don’t talk to you off camera. You arrive for your trial, you will be briefed by producers so you know what’s going to happen

Then you see Ant and Dec and then it’s already being filmed. I wish they would interact with you [off camera]. I wanted them too as I felt it would have helped me a bit more but they aren’t allowed to.

They just give the instructions, you certainly aren’t shooting the breeze with Ant and Dec.