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Quel est le vrai nom de Cookie Monster?

COOKIE Monster is a Muppet on the long-running children’s television show Sesame Street.

But did you know he has a real name? find out here what it is.

Sesame Street Muppet Cookie Monster

Sesame Street Muppet Cookie MonsterCrédit: Alamy

Quel est le vrai nom de Cookie Monster?

Cookie Monster has a real first name, and it isn’t Cookie.

The popular muppet’s real name is Sidney, shortened to Sid.

Although it’s no secret, even Sesame Street creators themselves admit they haven’t been overly forthcoming with the monster’s name in the past.

In a viral TikTok which features Cookie Monster’s character development song The first time me eat cookie, he explains he hasforgotten his birth namebut thinks his mum used to call him Sid when he was a baby.

toutefois, after one cookie his identity changedhe was hooked and would be known as the Cookie Monster.

Le clip, which comes from a 2004 episode of the popular children’s program is captioned with: “The day we learned Cookie’s real name.

Every great hero needs an origin story,” the show’s team added to the post.

The video sees the Cookie Monster in a high chair, being doted on by his mother.

Me was just a mild-mannered little kid. En fait, back then, me think me name was Sid. Oui, Oui,” Cookie Monster sings.

But then me mummy gave me something very new, she told meThis is cookie and me baked it just for you.So me took a bit and me felt kind of strange.

Delicious taste sensation. Me new me life just changed.

When did Cookie Monster join Sesame Street?

The original Cookie Monster puppet was created in 1969 pour Sesame Street.

The show was wanted to create a children’s TV show that would help them prepare for school through entertainment and funny stories.

Au cours des années, Sesame Street has earned the distinction of being one of the most highly regarded educators of young people.

The original series has been televised in 120 des pays, et plus que 20 international versions have been produced.