Corrie rocked by more Ofcom complaints as fans rage against racism storyline

CORONATION Street has been rocked by more Ofcom complaints after fans were left raging against a “disgusting” racism storyline.

The ITV soap received a number of complaints last week after the story about one character being radicalised by extremist.

The schoolboy – who is played by actor Paddy Bever in the ITV soap – has overnight been indoctrinated into new girlfriend Lauren’s racist ways.

The schoolboy has been indoctrinated in recent scenes in the racism storyline

The schoolboy has been indoctrinated in recent scenes in the racism storylineCredit: ITV
Griff showed him a disturbing propaganda film against Muslims

Griff showed him a disturbing propaganda film against MuslimsCredit: ITV

Ofcom has revealed that Coronation Street received 139 complaints from viewers about the storyline involving young Max Turner.

Max, who is played by Paddy Bever in the ITV soap, was seen being radicalised by Griff Reynolds, played by Angela Griffin, last month.

Now, the young character has been indoctrinated by her new girlfriend Lauren into her racist ways, shocking viewers.

Tense scenes saw Max being shown a disturbing propaganda film against Muslims, before defending his girlfriend against Alya, who came to him concerned about Lauren’s racist behaviour.

Fans were left terrified to watch Max being radicalised, and during last week’s episodes, took to Twitter to complain.

One wrote: “Max, you’re smarter than this… I hoped,” as another said: “Max is becoming radicalised and it’s scary to watch.”

A third chimed in: “This storyline with Max is horrible. I know it goes on but it’s genuinely awful!”

But things went from bad to worse during the week when the teen character turned on a refugee from Iraq, leading to Ofcom complaints.

Ofcom revealed 139 complaints on November 16, which they said “related to the racial violence storyline”.

It comes after fans of the soap predicted a dark and sickening twist for Max, convinced he and girlfriend Lauren are related.

The teen portrayed by Paddy Bever was isolated and bullied when he first encountered Griff, before being embroiled in a gang.

The hard-hitting racism storyline sees the dodgy activist proceeding to groom him, making him join his far-right group.

Max’s new “friends” are turning him against Muslims and his former employers at Speed Daal, including girlfriend Lauren.

The young girl is gaining influence on Max and even took him to bed to secure his loyalty, despite disagreeing with some of Griff’s views.

But after mistaking her for Kelly Neelan, viewers are growing convinced she may be Max’s half-sister.

Soap fans have all urged the youngster to “bin” his new racist friends, particularly after an attack on Daryan, aired on Monday.

Coronation Street airs weekdays from 8pm on ITV