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I fan di Corrie individuano "omaggio".’ indizio nel nome di Damon & credo che spieghi tutto

CORONATION Street fans predict newcomer Damon Hay has a sinister plan as he arrives on the cobbleswith his name being an obvious clue.

Viewers were introduced to Jacob Hay’s father Damon, portrayed by Ciaran Griffiths, in Monday’s episode on the ITV soap.

Damon demands a stake in the Bistro

Damon demands a stake in the BistroCredito: ITV
Damon is using Jacob for his own benefit

Damon is using Jacob for his own benefitCredito: ITV

The newcomer has already made himself known to some residents on the square such as Nick Tilsley (Ben Prezzo), who he unknowingly took money from for the Bistro building work.

Despite being all smiles and not pressurising Nick, he warned him he will be seeing him again and potentially be needing his help.

Should Nick be worried?

Damon also reconnected with his son Jacob (Jack James Ryan) who informed him that his drug dealing uncle Harvey broke his legs and left him in hospital when he tried to escape the industry.

His dad insisted that he never wanted harm to come to his sonbut viewers aren’t buying it.

Fans think a clue in Damon’s name could hint at his sinister motive.

They also consider whether Jacob was abused by his dad.

Prendendo su Twitter, uno ha detto: “Damon nearly Damien, cioè., the devil #Corrie.

Un altro ha sottolineato: “Jacob looks scared of Damon every time he sees or mentions him. I think Damon was abusive towards his son.

A third conspired: “I wonder if Damon is in cahoots with Harvey in prisonperhaps helping to release him maybe.

Speaking about his character, Ciarán explained: “He’s definitely got an ulterior motive. He makes out that he’s back to make amends with Jacob and he slowly starts to build up his trust, but I think that will be to let him back down again.

He’s just using Jacob for his own benefit, which you get the impression he’s done for a lot of his life.

He’s definitely trying to take over Harvey’s patch and do his own thing. He doesn’t want to be in Harvey’s shadow, he’s here for himself.

It’s all about the opportunity for Damon and how he can get around Nick and Leanne, which is by a bit of blackmail, veramente.

Harvey has lent this money to Nick for Sam, which he’s invested in the Bistro. But Damon says: ‘Actually, I lent that money to Harvey so it’s my stake in the business’.

Nick doesn’t want Leanne to know about the deal he did with Harvey, so that’s how Damon has got Nick in his back pocket.

He blackmails Nick and puts him in a position where he can’t say anything to Leanne so he’s forced to go along with what Damon wants.

Will Damon be sticking around?

Ciarán answered: “I think he’ll hang onto his stake at the Bistro for as long as he can, but if it gets too hot to handle he’ll vanish in a flash and leave everyone else to pick up the pieces.

This isn’t actor Ciaran Griffiths first time on the ITV soap as he played Dean Sykes back in 2000, who took the local supermarket Frescos hostage before being shot dead.

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His other roles in television include Gary Best in The Bill and Micky Maguire in Shameless.

Coronation Street va in onda il lunedì, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV1.

Nick hides Harvey's money from Leanne

Nick hides Harvey’s money from LeanneCredito: ITV
Will Damon expose Nick's lies?

Will Damon expose Nick’s lies?Credito: ITV