Brits could save £1,100 a year on driving costs with easy tip – here’s how

DRIVERS feeling the cost of living squeeze could save almost £100 a month by implementing a simple but little-known hack.

New research has found that motorists could save £97 on fuel every month by splitting the daily commute with someone else.

The hack could save drivers £97 per month

The hack could save drivers £97 per monthCredit: Getty

Around one in five workers commute five days a week, with an average journey of 17.5 miles each way.

As petrol prices spiral, this reportedly costs solo drivers about £51 a week on fuel alone.

Splitting this bill with another would see the average driver save £1,167 a year, almost equivalent of a four per cent pay rise.

Even those who mostly work from home still pay and average of £565 a year, which would be cut to £284 through splitting the bill

This comes as the average cost of filling up rocketed by 35 per cent.

Daniel McDermott and Tom Scott, who work at Heathrow Airport have been trying out the tip, saving £140 each on costs every month.

Daniel told the Daily Mirror: “I would always recommend car sharing. It’s a no-brainer when you can save that amount of money! And, it’s great to have someone to chat with.

“Sharing a lift has made travelling to work considerably more affordable and convenient. Having someone to speak to throughout also makes the journey go quicker.”

On the environmental side, ridesharing also reportedly saves the pair an average of 3 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year, equivalent to a flight from London to Perth, Australia.

Ali Clabburn, founder of Liftshare Group, said: “Sharing the commute is one of the simplest and best ways to save a lot of money. First and foremost, car sharing alleviates the financial burden imposed by the rise in living costs.

“Travel costs aren’t only comprised of fuel but also potentially toll and parking fees. These costs can add up, especially if you’re making the same journey every day.”