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Tesco realiza un cambio masivo de precios – y podría ahorrar dinero a los clientes

TESCO has announced it is freezing the prices of more than a thousand everyday products until 2023.

The supermarket giant said it willgive shoppers more ways to spend less and enjoy the festive season”.

Tesco is freezing the prices on thousands of items

Tesco is freezing the prices on thousands of itemsCrédito: Pensilvania

It comes as families are faced with soaring food and Los clientes de energía de E.ON se han visto afectados por un problema de pago después de que el proveedor no aceptara sus pagos de domiciliación bancaria este mes. due to the crisis del costo de vida.

Tesco said the prices of everyday items including McCain Home Chips will remain at £4.30 as we head into the new year.

The price of four 200g Heinz Baked Beans snap pots will remain at £2.49 and a 75ml tube of Oral B toothpaste is also being locked at £1.99.

These prices will remain in place until January 3, 2023.

Tesco customers will still be able to benefit from other deals in store, incluso Clubcard Prices and its Aldi Price match scheme.

But it’s important to remember that while supermarket price promises can seem like a good deal, you should always compare prices.

Websites such as allow you to compare the prices of a particular items at retailers across the UK.

If you shop at Asda, you can spot discounted items with a dropped and lockedlogo in store and online.

En abril, Asda said it would keep more than 100 items at this lower price until the end of the year.

Sainsbury’s also promised to lower prices at the checkout to help ease the cost of living crisis.

The UK’s second-biggest supermarket has invested £60 million to include more of its biggest selling own-brand lines in its offers.

Morrisons has slashed the price of 150 productos online and in-store too.

The supermarket has reduced everything from meat, to rice, pizza and bread, all in an effort to help shoppers battling a crisis del costo de vida.

Tesco has also announced that the basic hourly rate of pay in its stores will increase by 20p to £10.30, or £10.98 in London.

But the supermarket isn’t the only retailer offering their workers a pay rise.

Marks and Spencer has increased the pay for thousands of its workers to a minimum of £10.20.

Budget supermarket Aldi pays all store assistants a minimum of £10.50 an hour nationally – and £11.95 within the M25.

Asda also hiked rates from £9.36 an hour to £9.66 in April.

Tesco UK Chief Executive, Jason Tarry, dicho: “We know times are tough for many customers right now, particularly as we head into the winter months.

We hope this extended price-lock commitment gives our customers the certainty of knowing that over a thousand household favourites will stay at the same great price for months to come – helping them budget when they need it most.”

How to find the best deals at the supermarket

Simple tips will help you save on your supermarket spends.

Shopping around is one of the best way to slash spendsresearch from Which? showed that you could be paying £9 more for the same items if you shopped at Waitrose compared to Aldi for example.

You can also use food waste apps that offer reduced food that shops would only have thrown away at the end of the day.

You can also try planning your meals, or taking advantage of supermarket loyalty schemes.

You should also keep in mind that these savings are only worth the while if you were planning on shopping anywayyou don’t want to go over budget splashing out just to get an offer.